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We tailor personal training for small groups that impact beyond work

EP Corporate Training

Your employees will achieve measurable progress in their skills, facilitated by experienced and passionate trainers and industry experts who have extensive practical experience thanks to having worked for global corporations and consulting companies.​
English Path Corporate Solutions

Our Solution:

Small Group Personal Training ​

  • Motivation - You're more motivated to learn thanks to the psychology of relatedness. ​
  • Stress relief - No need to worry about finding a friendly face. ​
  • Fun - Since sessions have other people in them, there may be some pair work activities. ​
  • Cost - Small group training has a higher ROI measure compared to big lecture-style gatherings. ​
  • Planned variety - Trainers tailor your group programme to meet your individual needs. ​
  • Personal attention - Small group training to keep a focus on each single participant

English in the global workplace

is the course with a high ROI measure. It is designed specifically for your company and employees. The lessons include authentic work content and our focus of English training directly addresses your business needs.
is designed to improve employee's confidence in speaking, reading, writing and listening in the workplace context. The focus is on the language employees need for general work activities and situations. 
gives the employee a solid foundation of the English language aspects such as speaking, listening, reading and writing skills with a particular focus on using English anturally, as well as developing grammar and vocabulary in everyday life contex.
Whether you need in-company, immersion abroad or virtual classroom English training, we can deliver it for you, speak to our expert today.
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Executive Finance and ERP Programmes for Individuals

On demand
Fundamentals of finance and accounting

Capital budgeting and investment decisions
Advanced management accounting and ERP SAP – impact on strategic and operational decision

Financial processes with ERP SAP

Finance for not-finance executives

Finance management and accounting in operational and strategic decisions

Management accounting for strategic decisions
Whether you need in-company, immersion abroad or virtual instructor - led  training, we can deliver it for you, speak to our expert today.
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Training  Process & Systematic Approach

Needs Assessment
Defining Training Objective
Designing a Training Programme
Implementation of the Training Programme
Evaluation and Follow up

Who we work with?

Regardless of the size, industry, or function, we partner with organizations and governments which require proven principles and practices of employee training to work effectively in an international environment, to balance training costs with training benefits and to be confident that their training solution is easy to implement.
As a partner of EP Corporate English Training, you will access:

  • A global network of training experts

  • Our portfolio of training solutions

  • Training format which works around your schedule
  • Training outcomes which follow your growth strategy

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