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English for Finance Course

The English for Finance course at English Path is ideal for experienced finance and accounting professionals or current students of finance and accountancy.  You would typically have a certain amount of experience already and be looking to become more confident with the practical English you require for the workplace or be actively seeking employment in a finance or accounting context e.g. accounting firms or company departments.

During your English for Finance course at English Path, you will develop your English and specific financial and accounting language skills; such as financial reporting, risk assessments and analysis, ethics and professionalism, cost and management accounting among many others.

Your English Path teachers, who have a background knowledge of the subject, will ensure you get a ‘real-life’ experience by using authentic Financial English materials from the internet, newspapers and other sources which you would expect to encounter in your daily working lives within the finance and accounting sectors.


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Lessons per week
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Example Course Schedule

Lesson 1
9.15 – 10.00
- Learning skills surrounding negotiating and collaboration in the context of accounting or finance
- Functional language
- Specific vocabulary relevant to the topic and negotiating
Lesson 2
10.00 - 10.45
- Listening to a radio broadcast concerning important financial updates and learning strategies to be able to identify and interpret relevant information
Coffee time!
Lesson 3
11.00 - 11.45
- Producing a short financial report based on authentic materials
Lesson 4
11.45 -12.30
- Read and understand financial or accounting related text and learn skills such as skimming, scanning, deduction of meaning from context and selecting relevant information

Course Objectives

After you take a English for Finance Course at English Path, you should:
have increased confidence and fluency and be better able to communicate effectively
have learnt functional language and specific lexis appropriate to a variety of different financial and accounting contexts
be better able to understand the general meaning of more complex financial reports
be better able to write a financial report that communicates the desired message and write most correspondence that is required
be better able to argue a case effectively and present specific needs clearly and professionally
be able to follow a discussion with only occasional need for clarification
be able to give a prepared presentation confidently on a familiar topic
In order to get as much as possible out of your learning experience, we recommend you attend at least 85% of classes, complete all homework given and do self-study as directed by your teacher.

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Morning: Prices per week

WeeksEP LondonEP Canary WharfBirminghamLeedsManchesterDubai
2 week programme£ -£ 775£ -£ -£ -$ -
Registration Fee
Material fee up to 3 weeks
Material fee for 4-11 weeks
Material fee for 12-23 weeks


Course available in the followings destinations and schools:

EP Toronto

EP London Canary Wharf 30+

EP London

EP Manchester

EP Birmingham

The English Path Guarantee
Your progress is very important to us and we’re confident of your success. On your first day we will work together to establish achievable goals for you during your stay with us. We guarantee that you will reach those goals as long as you attend all your classes, do your homework and attend all your tutorials.

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