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IELTS Preparation Evening

The English Path IELTS Preparation course is for students who want to take the IELTS Academic Exam. This course is designed for preparing students at intermediate level and above for the IELTS Exam. It aims to develop your English skills and improve your exam technique.

While following an objective based course structure, your teacher will work closely with you to establish what IELTS level you need to achieve and identify which techniques, exam areas and skills and you need to develop in order to reach your goal.

Every week, as part of your classes, you will study IELTS past papers, focussing on areas of the exam that you need to improve. Throughout your study at English Path your teacher and the academic team will monitor your progress and offer you feedback.

Taking an IELTS exam can help individuals progress their academic and professional careers. If your intention is to pursue a career in an English-speaking country, you will likely have to prove your level of English. By taking an IELTS exam, you can demonstrate your level of English to potential employers. Not only will our IELTS preparation course help you develop the language skills you need for the exam, but it will also prepare you for work in an English-speaking environment by improving your overall level of English.

Studying in an English-speaking university is another main reason why students decided to take the IELTS exam. If your goal is to do an undergraduate or postgraduate course in English, our IELTS preparation course can help you to improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills for the exam. Our course will also help you to succeed when your university studies begin, by improving your overall level of academic English.


Start dates
Every Tuesday
Lessons per week
Lesson length
Course duration
Minimum age
Maximum per class
Class time

Example Course Schedule

Lesson 1
18.30 - 19.15
- Note completion
- Identification of information in a text for True/False/Not given
Coffee time!
Lesson 2
19.25 - 20.00
- Task 1: Describing a line graph
- Verbs of movement
- Analysing main trends
- Part 1: Discussing your job or studies

Course Objectives

After you take a IELTS Preparation Evening at English Path, you should:
have gained the skills needed to be able to speak confidently and succeed in the one to one speaking test
have learnt listening strategies such as listening for gist and listening for detail
have studied sample papers and practise exam style tasks
have increased both your academic and general lexical knowledge
have learnt to skim read for meaning, scan for detail, paraphrase, make inferences
have learnt strategies and methods for the various writing tasks
In order to get as much as possible out of your learning experience, we recommend you attend at least 85% of classes, complete all homework given and do self-study as directed by your teacher.

Evening: Prices per week

WeeksEP LondonEP Canary WharfBirminghamLeedsManchesterDubai
4 Week Package£ 195£ 195£ 195£ 195£ 195
8 Week Package£ 390£ 390£ 390£ 390£ 390
16 Week Package£ 780£ 780£ 780£ 780£ 780
Material fee up to 3 weeks
Material fee up to 11 weeks
Material fee up 12-23 weeks
*Optional IELTS
170 -195


Course available in the followings destinations and schools:

EP Canary Wharf 30+

EP London

EP Manchester

EP Birmingham

The English Path Guarantee
Your progress is very important to us and we’re confident of your success. On your first day we will work together to establish achievable goals for you during your stay with us. We guarantee that you will reach those goals as long as you attend all your classes, do your homework and attend all your tutorials.

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