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General English Intensive

‘Build confidence, work hard and have fun – Maximise your learning progress’

The General English programme develops your English language and communication skills, giving you the confidence and ability to function in everyday situations. Through a communicative approach, you will practise your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. There are also many opportunities to learn these skills in a variety of ‘real-life’ situations. You will also be able to improve your pronunciation and develop your grammar and vocabulary range.

English Path offers six levels of General English from Beginner to Advanced. Our Beginner level class accepts students with very little exposure to English.  For example, students who have not yet acquired a single word. No one’s level is too low. Lower level students may also choose to increase their progress by taking additional 1-1 classes. In contrast, our Advanced General English class is for students with high level communicative skills. Some students may consider an 20 lesson morning or afternoon only course or a semi intensive course. For those students who would like more time to explore the city in which they’re studying, we recommend the General English 20 lessons or semi-intensive 25 lessons courses.


Start dates
Every Monday (except Bank Holidays)
Dubai: Monday to Friday
A1 – C1
Lessons per week
Lesson length
Course duration
Minimum age
Maximum per class
Class time

Example Course Schedule

AM Lesson 1
9.15 – 10.00
Phrasal verbs with ‘get
AM Lesson 2
10.00 – 10.45
Reading skills:
Skimming and scanning texts
Coffee time!
AM Lesson 3
11.00 – 11.45
Third Conditional to talk about hypothetical situations in the past
AM Lesson 4
11.45 -12.30
Discussing anecdotes with a partner about past situations and further practice of phrasal verbs with ‘get’ in context.
Lunch time!
PM Lesson 1
13.45 – 14.30
Extreme adjectives, alternatives to using ‘very’
PM Lesson 2
14.30 – 15.15
Listening skills:
Listening for detail and notetaking
Tea time!
PM Lesson 3
15.30 – 16.15
‘be used to’ and ‘get used to’
PM Lesson 4
16.15 – 17.00
Writing skills/ task based:
Writing a letter to a friend

Course Objectives

After you take a General English Intensive at English Path, you should:
have improved your listening, reading and writing skills
be able to speak with much more confidence and fluency
have developed your vocabulary knowledge
have a much greater understanding of English grammatical structures
have maximised your progress and accelerated your learning
In order to get as much as possible out of your learning experience, we recommend you attend at least 85% of classes, complete all homework given and do self-study as directed by your teacher.

Morning: Prices per week

WeeksEP LondonEP Canary WharfBirminghamLeedsManchesterDubai
1-11£ 350£ 435£ 325£ 350£ 325$ 460
12-23£ 315£ 365£ 290£ 315£ 290$ 415
24+£ 300£ 355£ 280£ 300£ 280$ 405
Material fee up to 3 weeks
Material fee up to 11 weeks
Material fee up 12-23 weeks
Material fee 24-35 weeks
Material fee 36+ weeks


Course available in the followings destinations and schools:

EP London Canary Wharf 30+

EP London

EP Manchester

EP Birmingham

The English Path Guarantee
Your progress is very important to us and we’re confident of your success. On your first day we will work together to establish achievable goals for you during your stay with us. We guarantee that you will reach those goals as long as you attend all your classes, do your homework and attend all your tutorials.

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