Discover our TOP 5 favourite locations in Malta!

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Imagine strolling around the colourful streets of Valletta in the hot afternoon sun, or following in the
footsteps of noble knights in beautiful Mdina… What about jumping into the turquoise waters of the
famous Blue Lagoon? Or fancy a traditional Maltese dinner next to the sea?
Here are our top 5 spots in Malta you need to visit!

concrete street under blue sky during daytime
  1. The streets of Valletta
    Valletta is – undeniably – an attraction in itself: Narrow streets and imposing fortresses overlooking
    the port of Valletta, traditional, colourful windows and balconies framing the streets, cafés and bars
    to suit every taste, high walls that once protected the capital city from the enemy… All this would
    make plenty of photo material, no doubt. But what makes Valletta so different from the other
    places? Leave the noise of the city centre behind and wander around the alleys and lanes down the
    main street, and you will soon come across pubs, restaurants, colourful lights, and live music. People
    sitting at tables, on beer crates, on the pavement; fancy cocktail bars meet local food taverns… what
    a shame not to discover authentic Valletta and spend an evening among locals and tourists alike,
    creating memories that will last forever!
  1.  Medieval Mdina
    Mdina – the old capital of Malta. You could fill books about the aristocracy that once lived here,
    about the knights who once walked the streets, or the Romans who founded the city almost 3000
    years ago. Truly, Mdina is a feast for the eyes, with its narrow streets and beautiful villas behind high
    walls. Here and there you are lucky to catch a glimpse at the park-like gardens through a fence, or
    get an idea of the wealth of traditional noble families through the crack of a window. Truly, history
    lives at every corner. For example, did you know that only about 300 people live in Mdina? Or how
    many Hollywood productions were shot here? Why, in fact, is Mdina called “The Silent City”? If you
    don’t visit Mdina during your stay in Malta, you are missing out on the deeply rooted history of the
    island. Oh, and if you don’t try the famous, homemade chocolate cake in the Tea Garden, you are
    probably also missing out on the best dessert of your life!
photo of cathedral view
green leafy trees near pathway
  1. The best of Maltese cuisine in coastal Gozo
    Malta, Gozo, and Comino – many people only learn after their arrival that Malta actually consists of
    three islands. If you want to experience the true, unspoilt Malta, you can’t miss going to Gozo. Gozo
    is a true place of relaxation and peace, and the Maltese know how to appreciate that. Although
    rather rural compared to the island of Malta, it is probably home to the most beautiful landscapes,
    the most ancient temples, and definitely to the best Maltese cuisine. All tastes are catered for, from
    fish to rabbit, from Maltese wine to colourful plates, Maltese bread, and local cheese. So why not
    find a small, hidden restaurant, listen to the sound of the sea, and enjoy fresh, homemade, authentic
  1. Sunset at Ghajn Tuffieha Bay
    With a coastline of around 196.8km, Malta naturally has a variety of beaches and bays to offer. The
    special thing about Malta's coastline is the large cliff walls that lead into crystal blue water, but if you
    prefer a more casual and relaxed atmosphere, don't miss Ghajn Tuffieha Bay. Once you walk down
    the 200 steps to the bay (and later back again), you'll find red sand, peace and quiet, and a beach
    completely separated from the outside world. Since Tuffieha Bay is a bit further away from the
    island's hustle and bustle, you can watch the stars in summer, dance in the sand with friends, and
    witness one of the most beautiful sunsets over the open sea here.
island on sea
Malta coast
tree and mountain during golden hour
Dingli Cliffs
  1. Hike the Dingli Cliffs
    Ask a local about their favourite places in Malta, and Dingli Cliffs will definitely be one of them. It is a
    perfect example of Malta's bold, rough nature: big rock formations, the thundering waves crashing
    on the cliffs, meadows covered in wild flowers. Unlike the coastal towns, there is no stress, no noise,
    no fuss. Malta's raw and often wild nature is a paradise for hikers, dog owners, families, and anyone
    who wants to get to know a different side of the island. Many landscapes are to be discovered – for
    the adventurous spirit and those who appreciate the quiet away from the parties and nightlife, this
    lesser-known side of Malta is definitely worth exploring. Dingli is certainly one of the most unspoilt
    natural areas, but there are plenty other places to see as well. We promise – you will not be

To stroll (v) - to walk without a purpose and to look around as you walk
Aristocracy (n) - people from the upper class or the royal family
To come across (phr v) - to find something by chance
A feast for the eyes (exp.) - something beautiful/attractive to look at
To catch a glimpse of sth (exp.) – to see something quickly and not see everything
Unspoilt (adj) - not spoilt, a natural area not changed by people
Hustle and bustle (n) - a busy, lively, fast-paced environment
To miss out on sth (phr v) - to not take/miss an opportunit

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