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Global Traveller Programme 2023
Are you thinking of improving your English but not sure whether you want the city sights of London, the beaches of Malta or both city and beach in Dubai? Choose your multi-city programmes with English path language school!

With the English Path Global Traveller Programme, you can combine our exciting range of destinations into one user-friendly package at an excellent price.

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Your accommodation is a really important part of your experience when studying English abroad. There are lots of different options available, depending on what you would like.

Some students like to stay with a host family, so they can be more integrated with the local culture. Others people really like our house shares – it’s becoming a really popular choice! Many others choose the residence.
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What our students say about studying at English Path language school:

Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star
It's been a big pleasure to start a new online english experience to learn and improve my tasks especially to meet new people and new cultures. My teacher is good, very kind and very available to answer and make my doubts.
Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star
I really enjoyed this kind of intensity. I believe that after a month of lessons with you, my English will get better. Thank you very much to the teacher and the administration for such a great opportunity! I like the fact that we are pumping up all the skills. Not just speaking. So our classes are much different from the language clubs, which is very cool! We learn listening, reading and writing. This is very important when learning full-fledged English.
Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star
“It's really good start for me, The teacher is so humble and listen us carefully and clears our doubts too. In first week I learnt so many things of grammar which help us to improve our skills.”
Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star
I am very satisfied with my english class, i have my english better and i feel my english more fluent when i participate and talk in the class, i have much fun with all and i happy to be part of the group, and the teacher is excellent.
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