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Part-time General English

The Part-time English General course commits 2 hours weekly to English practice, featuring engaging discussions on diverse topics. Students tackle structured speaking tasks with models, enjoy prep time, and reflect on their learning. Prioritizing practical teaching, the courses deliver real-life applicable vocabulary.

The course design prioritizes interactive activities, discussions, and real-time feedback, guarantees an effective and enjoyable learning experience. The course provides accessible learning opportunities. This is especially beneficial for students juggling busy schedules, offering flexibility and quality education.

Part-time Packages

Subscribing to English Online means that each month you will be automatically charged via our payment provider (Stripe) and will receive a receipt via email. Cancel your subscription at any time in your customer portal or by writing to

Customer Portal:

Preparing your setup for online classes

8Mbps download and
4Mbps Upload

PC or Mac desktop/
laptop computer

Google Chrome or
Microsoft Edge

Headphones/set and