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About us

At English Path, we're more than a school. We're here to help you discover the world using English. Our main goal is teaching English, and we have different courses designed just for you. We want to give you the tools to talk confidently and succeed in today's diverse world.

Our values


To establish and maintain a singular cross-cultural communication tool in a divided world, bringing people together through a common language. People who can communicate without barriers are more likely to work together for the common good. That is the reason for English Path's existence. We believe that everyone has the right to education and English is often the first step.


To create the world's most accessible and innovative English language school that changes lives through education that makes a fundamental difference to living standards.


A world in which every person can communicate using a common language removing inequality and creating a level playing field. Courses that stimulate and challenge. Students that learn, excel and grow.a

Our core values

Our core values drive our vision, define our culture, and make us who we are. 

Caring for students

We put you first, ensuring your growth and success. 

Caring for each other

We build a supportive community, fostering a sense of belonging. 

Lifelong learning

We never stop growing, seeking constant improvement.

Community impact

We aim to make a positive difference in our communities.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We embrace innovation and new possibilities. 

Rewarding excellence

We recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements. 

Embracing diversity

We value every individual's unique perspective. 

Ethical excellence

We uphold high standards of professionalism and integrity. 

The English Path promise

At English Path, we're here to help you achieve your English language goals and make your experience unforgettable.

When you're with us, we will:

  • Check how good your English is and know what you want to learn. 
  • Place you in the right level, not too easy or hard. 
  • Experienced teachers plan engaging lessons to boost your confidence. 
  • Track your progress and have meetings to plan next steps.
  • Move you to the next class when you're ready.
  • Offer materials for study after class.
  • Help you find clean, comfy accommodation if needed.
  • Create a relaxed atmosphere for you to make friends.
  • Arrange activities to practise English outside class.
  • Friendly staff are always ready to help.
  • Listen and take action on your concerns.
  • Your learning is our priority. 

Other destinations

At English Path, we offer a range of university-style campuses across the globe. These campuses provide a great opportunity for you to learn English in a diverse and multicultural environment. Explore other English Path campuses and choose the one that suits your specific learning needs.

Top rated activities

At English Path, we ensure that your education goes beyond the classroom. That's why, as a part of our English courses, we arrange a variety of activities, such as spring camps to, visiting historical sites and fun sports events. We try to make your English learning journey exciting and help you to achieve your goals.

Trip to Coventry

Beach volleyball

City center walking tour


Visit to Stratford-upon-Avon

Visit to York's café

Picnic in Cannon Hill Park

Most popular courses

At English Path, we offer a wide range of courses for anyone who wants to learn or improve their language skills. Our English language courses are designed to help you improve in areas including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more. Discover our most popular English language courses and take your learning journey to the next level.