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Learn French and English in Paris

Welcome to EP Paris! Our school is located in a safe and secure part of Paris and offers a vibrant range of language courses, multiple social activities, and an opportunity to culturally immerse yourself in the city. Enrol in our French language courses for a fun, practical, and effective learning experience. 

Student capacity

100 students (at one time)

Number of courses

9 +

Campus timing

9 am – 9 pm


French and English


Paris, France

School overview

EP Paris campus is located in Rue Didot, a student-friendly area. It is only a few minutes' walk away from major public commutes like metro, bus, tram and Réseau Express Régional (RER), a hybrid commuter rail and rapid transit system connecting Paris and its suburbs. You can wander around this beautiful city, visit famous architectural masterpieces like the Louvre, try delicious Parisian food and explore historic museums to make learning English and French even more enjoyable.  

Our qualified and experienced teachers use the communicative approach to help you become more confident users of these languages as quickly as possible. This means interactive lessons and group activities with your fellow students to learn French and English beyond the textbook and practise your skills outside the classroom. Whether you’re living in Paris and want to learn English or an international student who wants to learn French, we can help you build your skills and provide a fully immersive learning experience in Europe's cultural hub! So, what are you waiting for? Register today at EP Paris for all your language needs! 

Campus gallery

Why study at our Paris school?

EP Paris offers you a chance to study in the City of Light or as Parisians say la Ville Lumière. Over years, Paris has formed a booming community of students and has emerged as center for education where students from around the world come to achieve their academic goals. At EP,  we provide you with the supportive and nurturing environment to achieve your language goals: 

  • Study at our modern campus located in the culturally rich city of Paris in a safe and study environment. 
  • Multiple opportunities to explore the city with the help of public commute such as Metro station and buses just minutes away from the campus. 
  • Learn  French or English by enroling on our interesting and varied courses for students of all levels and backgrounds. 
  • Take your learning to new levels with high-end equipment and modern facilities at our Paris campus. 
  • Master English or French language with the help of our experienced academic team and supportive customer services. 




At EP, we use a communicative approach to teaching English as well as French. This means focusing on your speaking skills through interactive lessons, noticing gaps in your learning and reacting to them in real-time, teaching that goes beyond textbooks, and creating opportunities to practise your language skills outside the classroom in real-life situations. We take time to understand each and every student's individual needs and offer a customised solution. EP teachers are trained in this approach from their first day, so you can have the same wonderful experience at all levels at all our EP locations.

When you move to a foreign country to study, your accommodation becomes a big part of your study experience. It is a place where you come back to each night, a place you can call a home away from home.  At EP, we choose safe and comfortable homestay options to help you make the best of your stay. You have multiple options to choose from, full board, half-board, bed and breakfast style, or even homestay with an adult. You will be living in the home of a local resident with a comfortable, safe environment where meals are prepared for you. It is also an amazing opportunity to practise your language skills with your host! The average commute from homestay to school can be 45 to 75 minutes by public transport. 

Remember, all accommodation options are based on availability. So, please make sure you check with your representative. 

With our residential & shared apartment, you can experience Yonge & St. Clair’s great location in the heart of Paris. It is within walking distance to shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars and only five minutes walking to St. Clair Subway Station. You have an option of spacious and fully equipped shared or private bedrooms with an on-site laundry facility, a community kitchen, Wi-Fi, cable TV, and utilities. 

To learn more about our student residence option or make a reservation, contact us by clicking the button below. 

Travel and transport

Travel and transport


To travel within Paris or from the airport, you can use the following different transport options.

Sunset Over the Sea


Sunset Over the Sea


Sunset Over the Sea


Sunset Over the Sea


Students should arrive at Roissy Charles de Gaulle/ Orly Airport. We request that you book your flights according to the start date. You must arrive on the Saturday or Sunday prior to your course start date. If you have booked a transfer service, a driver will meet you at the airport and drive you to your homestay or residence. Please ensure you arrange and pay the transfer fee in advance. 

Our French language courses

At EP, we are committed to helping you enhance your language journey with a wide range of French courses in Paris designed to suit your specific needs and goals. If you want to get better at speaking everyday French, we have different courses for you to improve your language skills in Paris. 

General French

One -to-One lessons

Our English language courses

At EP, we are dedicated to enhancing your language journey with a wide range of English courses in Paris designed to suit your specific needs and goals. Whether you want to get better at speaking everyday English or work in an English-speaking country, we have different courses for you to improve your language skills in Paris.  

Pathways to Higher Education

Coming soon...

At EP, we want to help you take your career to the next level with our wide range of Pathway programmes. With our courses you have an amazing opportunity to prepare for higher education. 

Pathways to Higher Education

Coming soon

Nearby attractions

Musée du Louvre

Centre Pompidou


Palais Opéra Garnier

Eiffel Tower

Notre-Dame cathédral

Galeries Lafayette


98 Rue Didot 
75014 Paris, FRANCE 



Contact: +33(0)175439515 

Nearest transport links

  • 10-minute walk from Plaisance Metro station 
  • 2-minute walk from Hôpitaux Broussais et Saint-Joseph bus station 
  • 4-minute walk from Didot tram station 
  • 35-minute by public transport from Eiffel Tower 
  • 5-minute walk from plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes 15 minutes by public transport or 23-minute walk to Centre Commercial Gaîté-Montparnasse shopping centre 
  • 8-minute walk to Theater Tt, or 15-minute walk to l'Entrepôt cinema and concerts venue. 

"I had an amazing time with English Path in Malta! Learning became an adventure. I loved the activities and now I'm better at English."

Social activities

Do not miss the exciting events at our EP Paris campus! These group activities are a big part of our language courses in Paris, giving you a practical, fun, and interactive way to practise your language skills. We encourage you to get involved and take advantage of these opportunities to improve your English and French language skills. 

Pizza evening

Cooking workshop

Eiffel Tower tour

Park picnic


Museum visit

Theatre visit

Other destinations

At EP, we offer a range of university-style campuses across the globe. These campuses provide a great opportunity for you to learn a new language in a diverse and multicultural environment. Explore other EP campuses and choose the one that suits your specific learning needs. 

Why learn English and French in Paris?

Paris was founded in the 3rd century by a community of Celts. Today, it is one of the best places to be an international student. Paris has a unique culturally rich history filled with an active academic life and vibrant artistic scene. As an international student living abroad to learn English or French, you can learn foreign language and visit the iconic landmarks, explore the exhibits at the famous museums, enjoy the culinary delights, and the pace of living in a city that keeps on moving and changing with times. You can achieve all this with English Path 

We offer a wide range of English language courses to help you achieve your language goals. Whether you want to prepare for a language exam like IELTS, want to travel to an English-speaking country or learn a new language for personal growth, we have a course for you! All our courses are taught by a trained and qualified team of teachers who use an interactive, communicative approach to help you learn English. As well as classroom learning, you will lhave multiple opportunities to practise your skills outside in real-life settings. Join English Path to achieve your language goals today! 

Frequently asked questions about EP Paris

1. How to book an EP Paris accommodation?

You can book your accommodation in 3 simple steps:  

  • Step 1: You can indicate your preferred type of accommodation (homestay, shared apartment, or residence) on the application form during your application for a course. Our Student Services team will record the preferred choice of accommodation.  
  • Step 2: EP will be able to secure the accommodation option once the invoice has been paid. Our team will send you the accommodation confirmation with further details on the selected option.  
  • Step 3: You will need to confirm your arrival and send your flight details to our team as soon as the flight is booked and no later than one week before the flight date. Our team will be able to book and confirm your accommodation and/or transfers and provide more details within the confirmation document. 

Here are some important things you need to know to make your arrival as smooth as possible. Use our checklist to ensure you do not forget anything and are prepared for the exciting times ahead.  

(i) Checklist 

Here are a few important items that you should bring with you:  

  • Passport  
  • Acceptance letter  
  • Accommodation letter  
  • Proof of health/medical insurance  
  • A bit of cash and credit/debit cards/Apple or Google Pay  
  • Weather-appropriate clothing (depending on the season you come to London)  
  • Adaptor for electrical appliances  
  • Prescription medication and medical records  
  • Emergency information  
  • Toiletries  
  • Notebook and pen  
  • Backpack for classes, social programmes, and day trips  
  • Reusable water bottle  

(ii) Pocket money 

Recommended weekly budget: €250 min. This should cover expenses, laundry, local travel, and activities. You will need additional money if you want to take weekend trips. Bring some cash with you and ensure you have a debit or credit card. You will need to check with your financial institution to make sure you will be able to withdraw money from a French ATM. Do not bring foreign currency. It is not wise to carry around large amounts of cash. 

(iii) Clothing 

Most students dress casually for classes, but you should bring nice clothes for going out and sportswear for sports and outdoor activities. The climate is changeable and may be different from your own. The typical temperature is 16-26°C in the summer and 3- 10°C in the winter, although it can drop below freezing. Bring waterproof clothing if you are arriving in the autumn or winter. 

(iv) Electrical current 

Standard voltage in the France is 220 volts; remember to bring an adaptor with you or buy one when you arrive.   

We encourage you to follow the school’s Instagram account before you arrive and especially during your stay. This will give you an idea of what is happening at the school and help you connect with staff and students. We will of any unexpected school closures send notifications of any unexpected school closures: it is important you check our Instagram account, WhatsApp group and email for any messages while you are attending the school, especially if there is severe weather in the area (e.g., snowstorm, flood, etc.). If the school cannot open or school opening will be delayed, we will post a message as soon as possible (the night before or in the morning) to advise you of this, along with information on how to get further updates and any alternate scheduling, (if applicable). Follow EP! @englishpathschools. 

Arriving at the airport in a foreign country can be overwhelming. To better prepare yourself, make sure that you have read the information below about your arrival and how to get to your accommodation. If you get lost or confused upon arrival, don’t be afraid to ask the airport staff for help as they will be happy to give assistance. 

(i) If you have booked a transfer with us, in case of a service emergency, use the following details to contact us: If you have any flight changes, miss a connecting flight or need help meeting the transfer service, you should call the emergency number. Please be prepared to tell them your name, school name (English Path) and location. Students should only accept a transfer from a greeter with the official EP Paris signage. 

  • Transfer service emergency number: +33XXXXXXXX 

(ii) Be aware of the general living costs (sample prices for items in this city) 

  • Bottle of water: 0,70€   
  • Coffee: 2,70€  
  • Can of coke: 2€   
  • Meal out for two: 40€ 
  • Takeaway pizza: 18€ 
  • Sandwich: 5€ 
  • Local bus ticket: 2,15€ 
  • Local subway ticket: 2,15€ 
  • Bike rental: 3,10 to 9,20 €/month 
  • Cinema ticket: 13.50€ 

(iii) Understand the local customs 

  • Women in France are equal to men and should always be treated fairly. 
  • French people talk to strangers in public areas. This is a great way to practise French, but caution should be taken. You should not give out your address and telephone number or accept inappropriate invitations. 
  • "S'il vous plaît" and "Merci" are very important words! Always use them if you ask someone to do something for you, or if they help you or give you information. 
  • France is a culturally diverse nation where people of all ethnic backgrounds are treated equally. 
  • People in France leave a tip for good service in restaurants, hair salons and other places. The tip rate at most restaurants is about 2-5% of the bill and is not usually included. Fast-food is not tipped unless it is delivered. Porters in hotels should be tipped approximately 5€ per bag. Taxi drivers are generally given a small tip up to a few Euros. 

(iv) Health and safety come first 

  • Medical insurance: All students must have medical insurance for the duration of their stay in France. 
  • If you get sick: If you get sick while in France, you should visit a doctor. You can ask the Student Services team or your host family where the nearest doctor is. If you have a minor illness, you can ask staff at a local pharmacist for advice. Remember to bring any relevant insurance or medical documentation with you. 
  • Protecting your belongings: We strongly recommend you take out insurance for your personal belongings, especially cameras, music players, mobile phones and laptops. Personal items cannot be covered by EMA homestay or residence insurance. 
  • Prescription medication: Remember to bring enough of your prescribed medication with you as French pharmacists will not dispense a foreign prescription. International customs agents may ask you questions about your medication upon your departure or arrival, so be sure to pack it carefully. Bring any important medical records (blood type, prescriptions, x-rays) that might be useful for medical care abroad as well as contact information for your health care providers at home. 
  • Staying safe at school: If you or another student has an accident or needs urgent medical attention, please come to reception where the First Aider is located. 
  • Fire safety: Fire safety: If you discover a fire, press the fire alarm button on the nearest alarm. Leave the building immediately via the fire exit. Make sure you tell a member of EMA staff exactly what happened so they can call 18. If you hear the fire alarm, leave the building immediately. Do not run, use the lift or stop to collect your belongings. EP/EMA staff in Paris and will guide you to the fire exit. Go to the assembly point. Follow any instructions given by a member of EMA or EP staff and do not go back into the building until you are told to do so or by EP EMA staff. 
  • Personal safety and looking after valuables: Paris is generally a safe place but as with a lot of big cities, you should always be alert. Some tips are: Be alert when you are walking alone at night. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Do not leave your belongings unattended. In France, you do not need to always carry your identification card or passport with you, you can keep it at home and carry a picture of your ID on your phone or a photocopy in your bag. 

(v) Medical costs 

Medical costs are at the discretion of your local doctor or hospital. Minimum medical costs are as follows: 

  • Consultation with a doctor: 25-90€ 
  • Prescriptions at a chemist: 5-70€ 
  • Dental treatment: 80€ 
  • Eye test or new glasses: 90-300€ 

(vi) Laws 

  • No one under the age of 18 in France may buy or consume tobacco or alcohol, including beer and wine. It is against the law to buy tobacco or alcohol for someone you know who is under the age of 18. 
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is a very serious crime and police make regular random checks. 
  • You will need international ID to enter bars, clubs or pubs (e.g. Passport, ID card, driving license). 
  • Buying, selling and using drugs is illegal. 

(vii) Student code of conduct 

  • You must attend all classes. If you do not attend your classes your representative will be informed. If you do not, then improve your attendance you will be sent home. 85% attendance is needed to be able to receive a certificate of completion. 
  • Be on time for all your lessons. 
  • Always inform English Path if you are going to be absent from school for any reason and tell your host family if you are going away overnight. 
  • If you commit a criminal offence or have to be severely disciplined, you will be sent home. We will also inform the immigration authorities. 
  • Be respectful, polite and open to different cultures. 

  • Call 18 in case of fire.  
  • Call 17 if you need the police. 
  • Call 15 in case of a medical emergency. 

You can use the following modes of transport to reach the centre from the airport. Closest airport are Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Orly Airport: 

Orly Airport to city 


Line or number   


Duration (to the centre) 



11.20 € 

30 minutes 

Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport to city centre 


Line or number   


Duration (to the centre) 



13.00 € 

30 minutes 

  • If you choose to book an airport transfer, your flight details should be sent to us 4 weeks in advance to ensure we will be able to provide you with an airport transfer.  

  • A driver will meet you at the airport and drive you to your accommodation.  

*Students under 18 years old must book homestay breakfast and dinner & return airport transfers. 

On your first day at EP Paris: 

  • Inductions start at 08:45 am (for morning students) and 12:00 pm (for afternoon students). 
  • This includes a placement test, induction presentations about the school and academic programmes and the distribution of class timetables.  
  • A tour of the local area.  
  • Have your picture taken for a Student I.D. card.  
  • Must complete the emergency contact details & publicity consent form.  
  • A welcome coffee (midday).  
  • Classes begin at: 09:00 am (classic morning), 12:30 pm (elective/semi-intensive), and 13:45 pm (classic afternoon).  
  • On your first day, you are expected to bring your passport and proof of medical insurance.