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Learn English in Dubai

Welcome to English Path Dubai! Start your language journey with our qualified and experienced educators in one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. Enrol on our English courses in Dubai today for a knowledgeable, joyful, and memorable learning experience! 

Capacity 350 students

Courses 18+ (16,17 on demand)

Campus timings: 8am – 5pm

Dubai, UAE, Middle East

School overview

If you want to learn English in Dubai, English Path's Dubai campus is the perfect place for you. We understand that learning a new language can be a challenge, but at English Path, we make it interesting and fun. Our campus is located in Knowledge Park, one of the best educational locations in Dubai. You will be close to the metro and other popular hotspots. Our student lounge is a great place for socialising with other learners and making new friends. To help you with your studies, we have a library with books from all genres, including academic ones, to support your English language learning journey. Our IT Lab is there to assist you with research and connecting with the rest of the world. We also have a large food court with a variety of cuisine choices to satisfy your taste buds. So, don't wait any longer. Join our English courses in Dubai to start your language adventure. 

Campus gallery

Why study at our Dubai school?

Learn English from our dedicated and experienced team of English teachers. Located in Knowledge Park and surrounded by students from around the world, our English Path Dubai school offers a variety of interesting courses to help you build your language skills. Let's find out why you should choose us to study English here in Dubai.

  • Study in one of the world's safest cities.
  • Participate in our social programme, where we arrange academic and leisure activities like desert safari trips and conversation clubs. 
  • Visit some of the most iconic and renowned buildings in the world.    
  • Explore a variety of cuisines, restaurants, and activities in Dubai to suit your taste and budget.  
  • Enjoy world-class shopping, exciting entertainment, and a mix of different cultures while studying. 




Dubai, a thriving metropolis known for its modernity and cultural diversity, is an exceptional destination for English language learners. At English Path, we offer a range of language courses to help you learn English in this global city. To make sure that your stay is both comfortable and budget-friendly, we also provide various affordable student accommodation options. You can choose to live in shared apartments, which will allow you to surround yourself with the local community or student residences with other fellow language learners.  

EP Dubai shared apartmenets ESAW

EP Dubay student residence the Myriad

EP Dubai KSK student residence

Do you want your own space and a bit more independence while also living with students from all over the world? If yes, then our shared apartment is the perfect accommodation for you. ESAW is a vibrant student accommodation provider for more than 400 students. With ESAW, you get different accommodation options and practical facilities that you'll share with other students pursuing English courses in Dubai.  

To know more about our homestay option or make a reservation, contact us by clicking the button below.

The Myriad Student Residence is your home away from home. We understand that, as a student, you need a comfortable and safe living environment. That's why we provide fully furnished rooms, ample space for leisure and entertainment, and sports facilities to keep you fit and healthy. You'll also find a supportive community of students and staff who will help you thrive both academically and socially. A secure and welcoming environment is essential for your success, and we are committed to providing just that.  

To know more about our student residence options or make a reservation, contact us by clicking the button below.

KSK homes are ideally situated in Dubai Academic City, only 20km from Dubai International Airport and just minutes away from all the city's major avenues and attractions. Our hotel is tailored for the new generation of urban travelers, providing a modern and convenient stay experience.  

To know more about our student residence options or make a reservation, contact us by clicking the button below.

Travel and transport

Travel and transport


To travel within Dubai or from the airport, you can use the following different transport options.

Sunset Over the Sea


Sunset Over the Sea


Sunset Over the Sea


Sunset Over the Sea

Metro Station


Students should arrive at DXB Dubai International Airport. We request that you book your flights according to the starting date of your specific program. You must arrive on the Saturday or Sunday prior to your course start date. If you have booked a transfer service, a driver will meet you outside the customs area and drive you to your homestay or residence. Please ensure you arrange and pay the transfer fee in advance.

Our English courses

English Path Dubai campus provides spacious and comfortable classrooms to learn English in an enjoyable and engaging environment. Our interactive classrooms, self-study area, computer access, well-stocked library, student services, common spaces to socialise, and student canteen aim to provide you with almost everything you need to learn English in Dubai

Nearby attractions

Burj Khalifa

The Dubai Fountain

Dubai Frame

Burj Al-Arab Jumeirah

Dubai Creek

Dubai Miracle Garden

Atlantis The Palm

Dubai Marina JBR


English Path Block 5,
Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP),
Al Sufouh 2, Dubai,
United Arab Emirates (UAE)



Contact: +971 522 063 879   

WhatsApp number: +971 522 063 879  

Young Learners emergency number: +971 52 531 7078 

Emergency Contact

Phone: +971 058 257 8026

Nearest transport links

  • Campus connects to Knowledge Vilage Tram Station (5 minute walk)
  • Campus connects to Dubai Internet City Metro Station 2 (20 minute walk)
  • 15 minutes away from Palm Jumeirah 
  • 25 minutes away from Dubai Marina Mall 
  • 25 minutes away from Burj Khalifa

"Discover the incredible journey of our student Javier Rincon at English Path Dubai as he shares inspiring stories of his personal growth, linguistic development, and academic success."

Social activities

Want to learn English in Dubai? Look no further than English Path! We offer a unique approach to language learning by planning social events and group activities that help you learn basic English language skills. Our English courses in Dubai are designed to help you learn by doing, with both theoretical and practical parts. By participating in these social activities, you'll have the opportunity to apply your language skills in real-life situations. Join us for an adventure and start your English learning journey today! 

Volleyball at Kite beach

Desert Safari

Old Souk + Al seef

Other destinations

At English Path, we offer a range of university-style campuses across the globe. These campuses provide a great opportunity for you to learn English in a diverse and multicultural environment. Explore other English Path campuses and choose the one that suits your specific learning needs.

Why learn English in Dubai?

The discovery of offshore oil in 1966 put Dubai on the map. What once was a fishing village is now one of the most rapidly growing cities in the whole world. Dubai offers a unique blend of tradition and innovation, where ancient customs intertwine seamlessly with futuristic skyscrapers. The city boasts world-class shopping, exhilarating entertainment, and a diverse melting pot of cultures. Although Arabic is the most widely spoken language in the Emirates, English is the preferred language of communication for many global enterprises and people from different cultures and backgrounds who call Dubai their home. This makes Dubai an ideal destination for learning English.

Dubai is a city with relatively simple entry criteria and visa processes, which makes it easy and hassle-free to enter for visitors. At English Path, we welcome students from all around the world with different cultural and educational backgrounds to come and study English in Dubai with us. We aim to provide you with a safe, practical, and rich experience that makes learning English fun and enjoyable. Don't miss this opportunity to learn English in Dubai, one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world.

Frequently asked questions about EP Dubai

1. How to book an English Path accommodation?

You can book your accommodation in 3 simple steps: 

Step 1: You can indicate your preferred type of accommodation (homestay, shared apartment or residence) on the application form during your application for a course. Our Student Services team will record the preferred choice of accommodation. 

Step 2: EP will be able to secure the accommodation option once the invoice has been paid. Our team will send you the accommodation confirmation with further details on the selected option. 

Step 3: You will need to confirm your arrival and send your flight details to our team, as soon as the flight is booked and no later than one week before the flight date. Our team will be able to book and confirm your accommodation and/or transfers and provide more details within the confirmation document. 

Here are some important things you need to know to make your arrival as smooth as possible. Use our checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything and are prepared for the exciting times ahead. 

(i) Checklist 

Here are a few important items that you should bring with you: 

  • Passport  
  • Acceptance letter 
  • Accommodation letter 
  • Proof of health/medical insurance 
  • A bit of cash and credit/debit cards/Apple or Google Pay 
  • Appropriate clothing for the climate, sun protection.
  • Adaptor for electrical appliances 
  • Prescription medication and medical records 
  • Emergency information 

(ii) Pocket money 

Recommended weekly budget: $200. This should cover expenses, laundry, local travel and activities. You will need additional money if you want to take weekend trips. Bring $70 with you in cash and a debit or credit card. You will need to check with your financial institution to make sure you will be able to withdraw money from a Dubai ATM. Do not bring foreign currency. It is not wise to carry around large amounts of cash. 

(iii) Clothing 

Most students dress casually for classes, but you should be covered when visiting government places, nice clothes for going out and sportswear for sports and outdoor activities. The climate is mostly sunny. The typical temperature is 35-43°C in the summer and 17–30°C in the winter. 

(iv) Electrical current 

Standard voltage in The UAE is 230 volts; remember to bring an adaptor with you or buy one when you arrive.  

We encourage you to join the social programme WhatsApp group when you arrive and stay active in the group during your stay. This will give you an idea of what is happening at the school and help you connect with staff and students. This is also where we will post notifications of any unexpected holidays. It is important you check our social programme WhatsApp group for any messages while you are attending school. If we have some important information to share with you, we will post a message as soon as possible. 

Arriving at the airport in a foreign country can be overwhelming. To better prepare yourself, make sure that you have read the information below about your arrival and how to get to your accommodation. If you get lost or confused upon arrival, don’t be afraid to ask the airport staff for help as they will be happy to give assistance.

(i) If you have booked a transfer with us, in case of a service emergency, use the following details to contact us: 

If you have any flight changes, miss a connecting flight or need help meeting the transfer service, you should call the emergency number. Please be prepared to tell them your name, school name (English Path) and location. Students should only accept a transfer from a greeter with the official English Path signage. 

  • Transfer service emergency number: +971 58 257 8026 

(ii) Be aware of the general living costs (sample prices for items in this city) 

  • Bottle of water: $0.50 
  • Coffee: $2 - 6 
  • Can of coke: $2 - 3 
  • Meal out for two: $16 - 80 
  • Takeaway pizza: $10 
  • Sandwich: $6 
  • Local bus ticket: from $0.90 (depends on the distance)
    Local metro and tram ticket: from $0.90 (depends on the distance)
  • Cinema ticket: $15 

(iii) Understand the local customs 

  • Dubai follows Islamic customs and traditions, so visitors are expected to be respectful of Islamic practices. Dubai is relatively liberal in terms of dress code. It is recommended to dress modestly in public places, especially when visiting religious sites or government offices. 
  • When greeting someone, a simple handshake is common among men, while men and women may exchange nods or place their hands on their chest. Physical contact between men and women who are not close relatives is generally avoided in public. 
  • Public displays of affection, drinking alcohol in non-designated areas, and using offensive language are considered disrespectful and may be subject to legal consequences.  
  • The culture in Dubai places a high-value on respecting authority, including government officials, police, and elders. 
  • While Dubai is a modern city with stunning architecture, it is essential to be mindful of local customs when taking photographs. Avoid taking pictures of people without their permission, especially women, and respect any “no photography” signs.  
  • It’s important to note that Dubai is a multicultural city with a diverse population, and while these customs are generally observed, there may be variations based on individuals’ backgrounds and beliefs. Respecting and understanding local customs is key to having a positive and enriching experience in Dubai. 

(iv) Health and safety come first 

  • Medical insurance: All students must have medical insurance for the duration of their stay in Dubai. Students who come with a student visa have medical insurance included. 
  • If you get sick: If you get unwell while in Dubai, you should visit a doctor. You can ask the Student Services team where the nearest doctor is. 
  • Protecting your belongings: English Path and student residences have a strong emphasis on maintaining a safe and secure environment. However, like any other city, it’s important to exercise common sense and follow basic safety guidelines to ensure a smooth and secure experience. We recommend taking care of your belongings. Personal items cannot be covered by English Path or residence. 
  • Prescription medication: Some medications that are commonly available over the counter in other countries may be considered controlled substances in Dubai. Before travelling, check the UAE’s list of restricted medications to ensure that your medication is allowed into the country. If you are bringing prescription medication into Dubai, you should carry a copy of your doctor’s prescription with you. The prescription should have all relevant information, including your name, the name of the medication, the dosage, and the prescribing doctor’s information. 
  • Staying safe at school: If you or another student has an accident or needs urgent medical attention, please call 999. Come to the office or call the emergency phone, and we can help you. 
  • Fire safety: If you discover a fire, press the fire alarm button on the nearest alarm. Leave the building immediately via the fire exit. Make sure you tell a member of EP staff exactly what happened so they can call 999. If you hear the fire alarm, leave the building immediately. Do not run, use the lift or stop to collect your belongings. EP staff will guide you to the fire exit. Go to the assembly point. Follow any instructions given by a member of EP staff and do not go back into the building until you are told to do so by EP staff.  
  • Personal safety and looking after valuables: Dubai is a remarkably safe destination for residents and tourists alike. The city boasts low crime rates and strict law enforcement, contributing to its reputation as a secure and welcoming place. Visitors can feel confident exploring the city and enjoying its attractions without major concerns about personal safety. However, like any other place, it’s essential to exercise normal precautions such as keeping belongings secure and being aware of your surroundings. 

(v) Medical costs  

Medical costs are at the discretion of your local doctor or hospital. Minimum medical costs are as follows: 

  • Consultation with a doctor: $125 
  • Prescriptions at a chemist: $25 per item 
  • Dental treatment: $150-$200 
  • Eye test or new glasses: $60-100 

(vi) Laws 

  • Respect for Islamic customs: Dubai is a Islamic city, so it’s essential to show respect for local customs and traditions. Dress modestly in public places, especially at religious sites, and avoid public displays of affection. 
  • Alcohol consumption: Drinking alcohol is allowed in licensed venues such as hotels, bars, and restaurants. However, public intoxication and drinking alcohol in non-designated areas are strictly prohibited. 
  • Drugs and medications: Possession, use, and trafficking of illegal drugs are severe offences in Dubai, carrying heavy penalties, including imprisonment and even the death penalty. Additionally, some prescribed medications in other countries may be considered controlled substances in Dubai, so check with the UAE embassy for the latest regulations before bringing any medications. 
  • Photography restrictions: Avoid taking photos of government buildings, military installations, and certain public areas like airports, as this could be perceived as a breach of security and lead to legal issues. 
  • Public behaviour: Dubai is a safe city, but any disruptive or offensive behaviour in public places can lead to fines or even imprisonment. Maintain a respectful and courteous demeanour while in public. 
  • Respect during Ramadan: During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. It’s essential to be considerate and avoid eating, drinking, or smoking in public during this time. 
  • Homosexuality and LGBT rights: Homosexuality is considered illegal in Dubai, and public displays of affection between same-sex couples are strictly prohibited. 

(vii) Student code of conduct 

  • You must attend all classes. If you do not attend your classes, your representative will be informed. If you do not then improve your attendance, you may not be able to continue your course. 85% attendance is needed to be able to receive a certificate of completion. 
  • Be on time for all your lessons. 
  • Always tell English Path if you are going to be absent from school for any reason and tell your host if you are going away overnight. 
  • If you commit a criminal offence or have to be severely disciplined, you will be sent home. We will also inform the immigration authorities. 
  • Be respectful, polite and open to different cultures. 

  • Call 999 for the police 
  • Call 998 for the ambulance 
  • Call 997 for the fire department 

You can use the following modes of transport to reach the centre from the airport: 

DXB Dubai International Airport


Line or number 


Duration (to the centre) 


Metro Red 

$0.90 - $2.10 

15 - 60 minutes 

  • If you choose to book an airport transfer, your flight details should be sent to us 4 weeks in advance to ensure we will be able to provide you with an airport transfer. 
  • A driver will meet you after you come through the customs area and drive you to your accommodation. 

On your first day at English Path School: 

  • Induction starts at 8:45 am. 
  • This includes a placement test, induction presentations about the school and academic programmes and the distribution of class timetables. 
  • A tour of the school. 
  • A welcome lunch. 
  • Classes begin at 11:00 am. 
  • On their first day, students are expected to bring their passport and proof of medical insurance.