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7 things to do on St. Patrick's Day in Dublin

On 17th March every year, the people of Ireland come together to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in honour of the country's patron saint. Dublin is the capital of Ireland and the best place to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The city is filled with excitement, and there are so many fun things to choose from. At English Path, we understand how important it is to experience different cultures; that's why we encourage all our students to take part in the local celebrations. So, get ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Dublin. A day filled with lively parades, music that makes you want to dance and lots of green everywhere you look – just like a leprechaun! 

To help you have a memorable experience, we have created a list of seven (the lucky number!) things to do on St. Patrick's Day in Dublin. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make new friends, have unforgettable memories and experience the magic of St. Patrick's Day in Dublin! 

1. Attend the St. Patrick's Day parade in Dublin 

The St. Patrick's Day parade is the highlight of the celebrations taking place in Dublin as it’s full of life and excitement. With marching bands, colourful floats, and amazing performers in traditional costumes, the fun doesn’t stop. And the best thing? You too can join the half a million people who line the streets to watch the parade move from Parnell Square to Kevin Street and Cuffe Street! Don't forget to bring your camera to capture all the fun. And if you're lucky, you might even find a penny on the ground – pick it up for some extra good luck! 

2. Visit the famous Festival Quarter 

Dublin's Collins Barracks turns into the Festival Quarter with lots of fun activities for families during the day and parties at night for St. Patrick’s Day. You can enjoy Irish food, listen to live music and watch live performances by the amazing dancers and artists who travel from around the world to take part in this amazing bucket-list event. You can also go on themed walking tours and attend the art workshops held all over the city. 

3. Participate in the festivities in the Temple Bar district 

Temple Bar, the heart of Dublin's cultural quarter, comes alive with music, dance, and laughter on St. Patrick's Day. It is the perfect place for you to experience Irish culture and the joy of this special festival. You can visit the lively cafes, restaurants or pubs, listen to live traditional music, and try a pint of the famous locally-brewed Guinness! 

4. Enjoy the traditional Irish cuisine

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Dublin is incomplete without the delicious Irish treats. This is the perfect excuse to taste some of the famous and delicious Irish treats. Some of the popular Irish foods that you can try are: soft soda bread, tasty stews like Guinness stew or boxty, which is like a potato pancake. For those with a sweet tooth, there is also Guinness cake which is delicious! Don't be afraid to try something new and enjoy the wonderful flavours of the Emerald Isle! 

5. Visit a gallery on St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin

One of the things to do on St. Patrick's Day in Dublin is to explore art galleries in the city. Many of the major galleries will be open on St. Patrick's Day, so you'll have plenty of options to choose from. Some of them might even be offering special tours or events, so be sure to check out their websites or social media pages. But, don't worry if you're not an art expert. You can visit the galleries and just have some fun. So, get together with your friends or classmates and explore the art scene in Dublin! 

6. Explore the iconic St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin 

No St. Patrick's Day celebration is complete without a visit to the iconic St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin. It ist is famous for its beautiful architecture, and you can attend a special religious service that only takes place on St. Patrick's Day. It's also a peaceful spot where you can take a break and relax from the day's fun-filled activities. Plus, St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin is an important historical site and definitely worth seeing during your visit. 

7. Raise a glass to St. Patrick! 

One of the best ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Dublin is by raising a toast to the Saint and making new friendships. To do this, you can head to a cosy cafe or restaurant with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. There, you can end the day with a traditional Irish dessert and enjoy a pint of Guinness (with alcohol-free versions freely available). Don't forget to say "Sláinte!" ('cheers' in Irish) as you raise your glass to show your appreciation for Irish culture and tradition. 

Bonus Tip: To have a good time and exchange simple greetings with the locals, learn a few basic Irish phrases like "Dia Mhuire" (hello) and "Go raibh maith agat" (thank you). 

Remember, St. Patrick's Day is about honouring St. Patrick, celebrating Irish culture, wearing green and having fun. We hope this guide can help you find things to do on St. Patrick's Day in Dublin, while also improving your language skills. Enjoy the beautiful city of Dublin and may the luck of the Irish be with you on this special day! 

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Frequently asked questions about St. Patrick's Day in Dublin

A1. St. Patrick's Day is a cultural and religious celebration that remembers and honours St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It's a big festival in Ireland and around the world celebrating Irish history and traditions. People from all over the world come to Dublin to join in the fun! 

A2. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on 17th March in Dublin and worldwide. The celebrations usually last for a whole week and even go into the weekend. During this time, many events and activities take place, including the main parade on 17th March. 

A3. Absolutely! There are so many special, fun things to do on St. Patrick's Day in Dublin. You can see the famous parade where people march and perform, listen to live music, visit the famous Cathedral named after St. Patrick, check out some art galleries, and enjoy delicious Irish food! 

A4. You might not be able to take part in the official parade. But, you can still be a part of the celebration by watching the colourful parade as it passes through the city. 

A5. It's best to use public transport to travel around Dublin during the St. Patrick's Day celebrations since there will be road closures and many people walking around. Plan your route in advance, and consider using buses, trams, or trains to move around the city quickly and easily.