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7 Tips to take your writing to another level!

Want to improve your English writing skills but don't know how? Here are 7 tips from us!

Have you ever wanted to write something in English? Something that is not a full-length novel, a film script, or an essay, but to simply to express yourself? If so, this article is for you!

Poetry serves as the perfect opportunity to connect with your thoughts and emotions through writing. In the spirit of World Poetry Day, today’s article will give you a brief guide on how to create a poem. As a subjective form of art, poetry has no fixed rules on how it should be or sound. However, here are some top tips to help you structure, plan, and have the most fun when writing!

1. Deciding what to write

Whether you want to support a social movement, retell an embarrassing memory, or express your love for a favourite dessert, poetry is all about being in tune with your emotions.

Whatever it is you wish to creatively write about, do it authentically and from the heart. 

  1. Brainstorm and mind-map

You have your idea; now it’s time to expand that into sentences, sensory descriptions, and metaphors! Think of the playful ways you can describe a feeling, event, or situation. Every poem has a story within its lines, and this is a great starting point in how to structure yours. 

  1. Read and listen to poetry

Don’t be shy in exploring other people’s works, it will help greatly in figuring out your writing voice. The avenues in researching poetry are endless: local libraries, YouTube, social media, and bookshops are just a few sources you can go to.

  1. Write the first sentence

Undoubtedly the hardest part is starting. You will quickly find, however, that the more you write, the easier it will come to you. You will enter ‘flow state’, and with time will have your first, complete draft.

  1. Be patient with yourself

Stemming from point four, all good things take time. All craftspeople use time as a tool, so allow yourself to take as long as you need to create the best poem for you.

  1. Keep editing your poem

There is no such thing as too many revisions. Like forming a statue from a block of marble, all forms of writing require editing. When you read with fresh eyes the next day, week or month, you incorporate new ideas, techniques, and ways to articulate ideas.  A golden poetry-writing tip is to read aloud as you edit, this will help in making sure your sentences flow and read well.

  1. Embrace the process!

Finally, the most vital tip is to have fun! There is no such thing as good and bad poetry, the only true critique of what we write is ourselves. A liberating feeling that comes with writing is you choose whom you wish to share your work with. Enjoy the growth of your idea, and watch it evolve from thought to a fantastic, final poem.

We hope this article serves as a great encouragement to embrace the inner Shakespeare in you!  Have a poem you wish to share with the world? Be sure to post it on social media for World poetry Day, and tag us at @EnglishPathSchools on Instagarm! If you want to se how our students celebrated World Poetry Day, make sure to click here!

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