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Charity football tournament: A day of fun, competition, and camaraderie!

On 29th May 2024, the Powerleague in Shepherds Bush became the epicentre of excitement and camaraderie. English language schools from across London came together for the much-anticipated annual charity football tournament organised by English UK London. The goal of this amazing event was to have fun, make new friends, and raise money for UNICEF UK for every child. 

The tournament was a true testament to the diversity of English language schools, with teams from twelve different institutions in London: 

  • English Path 
  • EC London 
  • Oxford International 
  • West London English School 
  • Islington Centre for English 
  • Wimbledon School of English 
  • Burlington School of English 
  • Speak Up London 
  • Bayswater 
  • ES London 
  • St Giles 
  • Malvern House London 

Each team, representing a unique part of our community, brought their A-game and played with their heart, showcasing impressive skills and determination on the field. 

Experience the thrilling match and fierce competition

The matches kicked off with an air of excitement and anticipation. Teams battled it out on the field in a series of intense games. Each goal was met with cheers from enthusiastic supporters. The players gave their all, diving for every ball, executing skilful passes, and taking powerful shots on goal. The competition was fierce, but the spirit of sportsmanship could be felt and could be felt throughout the day.  

Oxford International won the bragging rights, leaving the field as winners with loud cheers and chants of "champion, champion, champion!!!" from their supportive team members. One of their star players shared his thoughts, "it was the best match ever. Trust yourself, and you can do it!" Wimbledon School of English secured second place, displaying exceptional teamwork and sportsmanship, while English Path proudly took third place, proving their team spirit on the field. 

Celebrate unity and diversity with English language schools

However, the day wasn't just about winning; it was about coming together. Over 300 people attended, creating a vibrant, multicultural atmosphere that highlighted the diverse backgrounds of the participants. Students and staff mingled, cheered, and celebrated each other's efforts. The professional referees kept the game fair and fun, making sure everyone had a good time, even if the competition got a bit intense! 

Hear from the players and their cheerful supports

After the final whistle blew, the excitement continued at a nearby pub. Trophies were handed out, drinks were shared, and stories of the day's highlights filled the air. Some words from the players and their supportive friends captured the spirit of the event perfectly. One enthusiastic player said, "I like to play football. I enjoyed playing with other guys here." A cheerful supporter added, "The passion of the players was amazing. We had a great time together." 

For many players, it was a day of firsts. A newcomer to the sport shared, "This was my first-time playing football, and I enjoyed it a lot." Another student summed up the event perfectly: "London is one of the most exciting places to learn English. Schools working together, enjoying together — it was amazing!" 

Students themselves couldn't stop raving about the event. "We had a blast playing with students from other schools!" one beamed, still buzzing from the day's events. Another said, "So cool to see so many cultures come together for such a good cause!" These unique experiences of the players, their first steps into the world of football and English learning, made the event truly special. 

The spirit of the event continues

The charity football tournament wasn't just about the matches. It was about community, teamwork, supporting a great cause, and making a difference. The success of this year's event, which raised a significant amount on behalf of UNICEF UK for Every Child, promises even more excitement next year. With such a positive response, it's clear that this tournament has become a highlight in the English UK London calendar. As one student put it, "We hope it happens every six months. We like it." 

The best part? Everyone's already buzzing about next year's rematch! It seems the annual Charity Football Tournament is quickly becoming a beloved tradition. So, if you're looking for an English language learning experience that goes beyond the classroom, look no further than English Path. You'll not only receive an excellent English course, but also become part of a vibrant community that values sportsmanship, teamwork, and making a positive impact on the world. Imagine yourself on that pitch next year, cheering alongside students from all over the world, all while contributing to a worthy cause. Here's to more goals, more fun, and more camaraderie!