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English Path's journey to a cleaner environment

The amount of waste we produce globally is getting worse. In 2018, the average person in the European Union generated 5.2 tonnes of waste. This number will keep growing unless we as a community come together to make some serious changes in our daily lives. At English Path, we're all about taking action, not just talking. That's why we joined forces with the St. Paul's Bay Local Council in Malta to create something truly special — a Community CleanUp event. Our aim is to get people to take responsibility for their actions and reduce the amount of waste and pollution.

What happened on CleanUp day?

Did you know that if we keep polluting the land at the same rate, almost all of the Earth's land (95%) will be polluted by 2050? This is a scary thought because experts predict that soil pollution could kill more people than cancer if it's not stopped by then. The Community CleanUp event gave us all an opportunity to help our community, make a positive impact, and set a great example for our campuses and students all around the world.

The Community CleanUp organised with St. Paul's Bay Local Council wasn't just about tidying up the area. It was a day of hope and unity, with everyone coming together to achieve a common goal – saving our future. It was a fun day where everyone, including students, teachers, and community members, worked together to make our planet cleaner. Every piece of litter we collected felt like a big win and brought us closer to our goal. We hope our action inspires you to join us in protecting our planet for future generations. At the Community CleanUp, we also had interesting conversations about pollution, its effects, and what big or small steps each of us can take in our daily lives to reduce it and general wastage.

Why reduce waste?

The aim of the Community CleanUp was about all of us coming together to take steps, big or small, to help our environment. Let's understand why it’s important.

  • Healthier living: Less waste means cleaner surroundings, which keeps us healthier and safer.
  • Protecting nature: Reduced waste helps protect animals and plants that share our planet.
  • Saving resources: When we reduce waste, we save things like water, energy, and materials.
  • Less pollution: Waste can create pollution, and by reducing it, we keep our air and water cleaner.
  • Setting an example: When we take action, we can inspire others to join in, creating a bigger impact together.

A clean and healthy Earth isn't just nicer to look at. It's also safer and better for everyone to live in. The Earth is our home, so taking care of it means making sure that the world is a better place for future generations. That means maintaining our planet, planting trees, and many more things.

How can you help?

Let's talk about how each one of us can help reduce waste and pollution in our communities. Here are five simple things you can do:

  • Recycle correctly: Separate your trash into recyclables like paper, plastic, glass, and cans. It gives these items a second chance to become something new!
  • Use less plastic: Say no to things like plastic bags and straws that we use just once. Instead, choose things you can use again and again, like a cloth bag or a metal straw.
  • Save electricity: Remember to turn off lights and electrical items like TVs when you're not using them. It helps save electricity and keeps our air cleaner.
  • Choose eco-friendly travel: Choose to walk, cycle, take the bus or the train. Less driving means less air pollution.
  • Reduce, reuse, repurpose: Try not to buy too many things which you don't really need. And when you have things you don't need anymore, see if you can find new ways to use them or give them to someone else who can.

Come join us at English Path and help make the world a better, cleaner, and happier place for everyone! You can also help by joining us in future clean-up events keeping your surroundings tidy daily, and spreading the word about the power of small actions. Together, we can lead the way for a cleaner community and a greener planet – one step, one tree, and one smile at a time!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about improving English speaking skills

A1. Reducing waste is really important because it has a lot of additional benefits. It helps you live a healthier life by keeping the environment clean and safe. It also protects nature and helps you save important resources like water and energy. By reducing waste, you can also decrease air and water pollution, which is good for everyone. So, keep up the good work and reduce waste whenever and wherever possible! 

A2. You can help by recycling items like paper, plastic, glass, and cans properly, using less plastic (like bags and straws), saving electricity by turning off unused lights and appliances, choosing eco-friendly ways to travel, and practising the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse, and repurpose. These small actions can make a big difference in protecting our planet Earth! 

A3. When you participate in CleanUp events like the one organised by English Path Malta and the St. Paul's Bay Local Council, you are helping to make your community a cleaner and better place to live. So, by participating in CleanUp events, you are not only helping to clean up your community but also making a positive impact on the environment and encouraging others to do the same. 

A4. After a CleanUp event, all the rubbish is collected and put in the right place. Some things, like plastic bottles or paper, are recycled to see if they can be used again. Other things that can't be used again or cannot be recycled are put in different places where they won't hurt anyone, including plants and animals. This process of putting things in the right places helps keep our Earth safe and clean for everyone. 

A5. At English Path, we care about our environment. We often do things to help keep our surroundings clean and healthy. Recently, we worked with a local group called St. Paul's Bay Local Council to organise a special day called Community CleanUp Day. Many people came together to clean up the neighbourhood and learn why keeping things clean is important. The event also gave us an amazing opportunity to talk to our students and other community members to help them understand how they can also keep our Earth clean and safe for everyone