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Festivals in Malta: Explore different celebrations and traditions on this beautiful island

Malta is not just a sunny paradise with beautiful beaches. This island in the Mediterranean is also famous for its lively festivals that happen all year round. From religious celebrations to world-famous music festivals and vibrant parades to mouthwatering feasts, you can find a variety of events to enjoy while learning English. Festivals in Malta are a lot like seeing fireworks - they're bright, loud, and sure to put a smile on your face. Keep reading to learn more about these events and join the Malta celebrations

1. Feast days (April to October) 

Did you know that every village in Malta has a special day called 'festas' or feast days? These feast day celebrations are now officially recognised by UNESCO as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The Maltese celebrate 'festas' to honour the patron saints of each parish every year. During these lively Malta celebrations, the streets are full of colourful decorations, flags, and lights. You can take part in parades, music, dance, and many more cultural activities to experience the Maltese culture and traditions. It's a time when people come together to celebrate their shared history and heritage. It's like a big party that goes on for days! 

What to expect: You can see parades with religious statues, marching bands, people wearing traditional costumes, and beautifully decorated churches. 

2. Carnival (February/March) 

In Malta, people celebrate Carnival just before Easter. It is a fun week-long celebration that takes place in Valletta. During this time, people dress up in different costumes and enjoy the festive atmosphere. Like most festivals in Malta, it's like a big party where everyone is dancing and having a good time on the streets. You'll hear lots of laughter and music everywhere you go. Carnival is a time to let loose, have fun, and enjoy life. You might even get covered in confetti and learn some catchy tunes!  

What to expect: You can see people wearing fancy costumes attending masked balls and street parties. The most popular Carnival destination is Valletta, where you'll find lots of people having a good time.

3. Holy week and Easter (March/April) 

During Holy Week, people in Malta celebrate the story of Jesus' suffering and death. They have processions (marches) to honour this event, which is an important part of Malta's history and culture. As a part of the Malta celebrations, you can watch these processions, visit different churches and celebrate Easter with Maltese people on Sunday. You can also have a special lunch at a restaurant, where they serve celebratory food and give chocolate eggs to children. 

What to expect: You can see joyous parades with bands and eat delicious figolla pastries shaped like rabbits. 

4. The Strawberry festival (April)

Have you heard of the Strawberry Festival in Mgarr? It's a fun celebration of all things strawberries! You can try juicy red berries, strawberry sweets, and even strawberry wine (for the grown-ups only). At the festival, you can learn how to make traditional jams, listen to folk music, and meet friendly people. It's the perfect way to relax and enjoy a sweet afternoon. This festival happens in spring when the harvest season is in full swing. It's a great place for food lovers to spoil themselves with strawberry-based treats and enjoy local music and entertainment. 

What to expect: You can enjoy a fun-filled event with lots of fresh and delicious strawberry treats, live music, and a festive atmosphere. 

5. Malta International Arts festival (June) 

The Malta International Arts festival is a great event that celebrates creativity and art. You can find artists from all over the world performing various art forms like music, dance, theatre, and visual arts. You can also enjoy other fun activities like fireworks and cinema. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy Malta celebrations while learning a new language. 

What to expect: You can look forward to experiencing live performances in old and historic places, viewing art installations, attending workshops, and exploring exhibitions. 

6. GĦANAFEST (June) 

Every year in June, there's a two-day music festival called GĦANAFEST. It happens in the beautiful Argotti Gardens in Floriana. This festival is all about celebrating Malta's own style of folk music, which is called 'Għana.' It is a way to celebrate Maltese culture and history through storytelling and songs. At GĦANAFEST, local musicians gather to perform and compete, showing off their skills and celebrating their heritage. Festivals of Malta are really special events as they bring the whole community together. 

What to expect: You can enjoy beautiful performances of traditional Maltese music played on the guitar or mandolin. 

7. The Malta International Jazz festival (July) 

If you're a fan of jazz music, you definitely don't want to miss the Malta International Jazz Festival in July. For three nights at Ta' Liesse in Valletta, you can join the Malta celebrations by listening to top international and Maltese artists playing different styles of jazz music from around the world. The festival is a great opportunity to enjoy some smooth and rhythmic tunes that will make you want to tap your feet. Let the music take you on a wonderful journey at the Malta Jazz Festival. 

Most of the Festivals in Malta are open to everyone! It is a great place to be if you want to have some fun while studying. Whether you're into celebrations during feast days or arts festivals, there's always something exciting just around the corner. Get ready to improve your language skills with English Path, experience the local Maltese culture and have fun at the same time. This is a great opportunity for you to meet new people, practise your language skills with others and dance the night away. So come and join in on the fun and enjoy Malta celebrations

Frequently asked questions about festivals in Malta

A1. Festivals in Malta are lively cultural events that celebrate the island's traditions, history, and artistic talents. These events usually have music, dance, food, and other exciting activities that show the island's culture. 

A2. Festivals in Malta happen throughout the year, with some major ones during the summer months, but there are also celebrations during spring, autumn, and even winter.

A3. It really depends on what festival you're going to! If it's Carnival, feel free to be creative with your costumes and masks. But if it's a religious feast, it's best to dress respectfully and modestly. If you're going to a summer festival, just make sure you wear something cool and comfortable. Also, don't forget to check the weather before you head out! 

A2. You don't need to speak Maltese to enjoy the festivals! Most Maltese people are friendly and know how to speak English, so if you're not sure about something, just ask them. You can also join our wide range of courses at English Path to improve your language skills. Festivals in Malta offer you a great opportunity to practise your language with the locals. You can use the new words and phrases you've learned in your English Path class in real-life situations.

A5. Malta is a small island, so getting around is easy. You can use the public buses, rent a car, or even take a boat trip to some of the smaller islands where festivals are held.