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Have you tried a Sunday roast?


Many people say that British food is not as delicious or interesting as food from other countries, but here at English Path we completely disagree! If you have never tried a traditional Sunday roast, then you are missing out!

But what is a Sunday roast?

A Sunday roast is a meal which is only eaten on a Sunday and includes some meat; usually chicken, beef, pork or lamb, roast potatoes, vegetables, and lots of gravy. It is often eaten at lunchtime, between 1 and 4pm and is a big meal so you probably won’t want to eat dinner afterwards. For many British families, a Sunday is not complete with a Sunday roast, and it is often the best meal of the week.

A Sunday roast!

Where can I try one?

If you are in the UK, the best place to have a Sunday roast is at a traditional British pub. In London you can expect to pay £15-25 depending on the restaurant and the type of meat. Don’t worry if you are vegetarian or vegan, many restaurants also now offer a vegetarian/vegan option instead of meat. Don’t worry if you aren’t in the UK right now, this is just another reason for you to come!


What about dessert?

If you still have some space left after eating this huge meal, then we would recommend trying a traditional British dessert. After a Sunday roast, it is common to eat a sticky toffee pudding or apple crumble. A sticky toffee pudding is a cake made with dates and is very sweet, here at English Path it is one of our favourites! An apple crumble has a layer of cooked apples with sugar and cinnamon and a ‘crumble’ topping, which is made from flour, butter, and sugar. It is delicious with ice cream!

Sticky toffee pudding - delicious!


To miss out (phr v) – to not experience something

Roast potatoes (v) – potatoes cooked in oil in the oven

Gravy (n) – a sauce eaten with meat or potatoes

A layer (n) – a quantity of food, often with more food on top e.g., there are layers of pasta in a lasagne

A topping (n) – food which goes on top of other food