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Learn 50 fun English words and phrases this New Year 2024!

The New Year 2024 brings an opportunity for a fresh start. It's a chance for you to chase your dreams and create new memories. It's time for you to shape a brighter future for yourself by learning 50 new English words and phrases. Let 2024 be your starting point to learn new words, build your vocabulary and improve your English language skills to speak confidently. 

Why learn English words and phrases?

You can combine many English words and phrases to create different types of sentences. Learning new words can help you to:

  • Increase your vocabulary range.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas in a better way.
  • Write or speak more interestingly.
  • Communicate your message correctly to your audience.

So, to improve your communication skills, start learning new English words and phrases this New Year 2024. We've put together a list of words and phrases to help you get started. Let's go!

English words to learn this New Year 2024

If you want to speak English like a local with confidence, it's important to learn new words and build your vocabulary. Merriam-Webster has recently updated its dictionary by adding 690 new English words and phrases for 2023. That's a lot of words, but don't worry, you don't have to learn all of them or every single word in the dictionary. To help you get started, here are some of the most commonly used English words you can learn this New Year 2024

  1. Ambitious (adj.) – Wanting to achieve or succeed at something. 
  1. Appreciate (vb.) – Understand and value something. 
  1. Compassion (n.) – Caring about others’ feelings. 
  1. Curiosity (n.) – Wanting to know or learn something. 
  1. Dedicate (vb.) – To spend your time on something important. 
  1. Determined (adj.) – Really wanting to do something and not giving up. 
  1. Eager (adj.) – Excited about something. 
  1. Empathy (n.) – Understanding and sharing others' feelings. 
  1. Generous (adj.) – Willing to give more than needed. 
  1. Genuine (adj.) – Real, sincere, and not pretending or false. 
  1. Inspire (vb.) – To fill someone with the emotions that make them want to do or feel something. 
  1. Integrity (n.) – Being honest and having strong morals. 
  1. Journey (n.) – A long and challenging path of growth. 
  1. Navigate (vb.) – To find your way or plan a route. 
  1. Nurture (vb.) – To care for and help someone grow. 
  1. Optimistic (adj.) – Being positive and expecting good things. 
  1. Potential (n.) – Having or showing the ability to become something in the future. 
  1. Progress (n.) – Moving forward toward a goal. 
  1. Reflect (vb.) - To think deeply or carefully about something. 
  1. Resilient (adj.) – Bouncing back from tough situations. 
  1. Significant (adj.) – Important and worthy of attention. 
  1. Unique (adj.) – Being the only one of its kind. 
  1. Vital (adj.) – Absolutely necessary or essential. 
  1. Wisdom (n.) – The quality of having knowledge, experience, and good judgment. 
  1. Wonder (n.) – Feeling surprised and amazed by something beautiful or special. 

By learning these common words, you'll be able to have everyday conversations with other English speakers and write more interesting sentences. To continue your journey of learning new English words and phrases this New Year 2024, let's move on to the phrases section. 

English phrases to learn this New Year 2024 

Phrases are small groups of words that help you express an idea, but they are not complete sentences. There are different types of phrases that can improve your writing or help you describe things in more detail. We have put together a list of English phrases to help you achieve your New Year 2024 goal. 

  1. Break the ice – To start a conversation with someone in a social setting. 
  1. Piece of cake – Something very easy to do. 
  1. Bite the bullet – To face a big challenge bravely. 
  1. Get cold feet – To become nervous or anxious about something. 
  1. Cut to the chase – To get to the main point without wasting time. 
  1. Once in a blue moon – Something that happens rarely. 
  1. Under the weather – Feeling unwell or sick. 
  1. Break a leg – Good luck! (often said before a performance or event). 
  1. Spill the beans – To reveal information or secrets. 
  1. Keep an eye on – To watch or check something or someone closely. 
  1. Go the extra mile – To put in extra time and effort to do something. 
  1. In the same boat – In a similar situation as someone else. 
  1. The early bird catches the worm – Those who act early in life are more likely to succeed. 
  1. Off the top of my head – To say something without giving it much thought. 
  1. Raining cats and dogs – Raining heavily. 
  1. Caught red-handed – Caught doing something wrong. 
  1. On cloud nine – Feeling really happy or joyful. 
  1. Better late than never – It’s better to arrive or do something late than not at all. 
  1. The apple of my eye – Someone or something that is very precious or loved. 
  1. Actions speak louder than words – What you do is more important than what you say. 
  1. On the same page – To agree or have an understanding with someone else. 
  1. Drop the ball – To make a mistake or not do something. 
  1. In the blink of an eye – Very quickly, in a short amount of time. 
  1. A blessing in disguise – Something that seems bad in the beginning but turns out to be good. 
  1. Sleep on it – To take time to consider a decision. 

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Happy New Year 2024

Frequently asked questions about why you should learn English in Toronto

A1: Learning new English words and phrases can make your conversations more colourful and engaging. It's a great way to share your thoughts, express yourself better and connect with others. 

A2: To remember new words and phrases, try to break words into smaller groups, practise regularly, and use them to create different sentences. You can also use flashcards or a note app to learn. 

A3: Words like "cheers," "fireworks," and "countdown," and phrases like "ring in the New Year" or "start with a bang" are commonly used during New Year festivities. 

A4: Absolutely! By learning new words, you'll expand your vocabulary, which will help you express ideas more clearly and boost confidence when speaking in English. 

A5: You can try using these English phrases in your conversations with friends, writing them down in a notebook, or joining English Path! We can help you learn English in a fun and interesting way. You'll not only learn new words but improve your overall English language skills. Explore our wide range of courses to choose the one that suits you the best.