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Looking for a way to make your English sound more "native"? This is the blog for you!


Let’s brush up on Idioms!

What is an idiom?

An idiom is a commonly used expression, sometimes referred to as a ‘figure of speech’. With idioms, we can’t rely on the individual words to give us the meaning. An idiom has a different meaning to the literal meaning of the individual words.

Why do we use idioms?

We can use idioms to express ourselves in a more dynamic and creative way. They can add an element of complexity into our speech, and they are very common in English!

Let’s take a look at some examples...



Example sentence

Over the

Very happy

She must be over the moon
that she passed her exam!

Under the

Not feeling
feeling ill

I felt under the
weather when I had a cold.

The best
sliced bread

that is
good /

The children thought their new
bikes were the best thing since
sliced bread.

Piece of

Piece of cake
To be very easy

My driving test was
piece of cake.


Some of our fantastic students wrote about their experience at English Path using some of the idioms we discussed. Let’s take a look!

“Once I arrived in Leeds, I was on cloud 9. Settling in was hard work but I remembered to keep my chin up. When I finally attended English Path, finding my way around was a piece of cake. I’ve been on top of the world ever since I’ve been here.” - Kuwait

“.. I was a bit apprehensive about studying as it might not be a piece of cake, especially hearing oral speech but I had nothing to do but keep my chin up and get up and go” - Ukraine

“During my week at English Path I was on cloud 9. I really loved the friendly community here and supporting staff. Even though leaving my family and Kuwait was hard but every cloud has a silver lining” - Kuwait

“I tried to apply for internship as a project manager to some company in London, but they had no project for me to take, but as you know when one door closes another opens and I received mail from English Path that they got a space for me. News they would like to put me in group higher makes me feel fine and dandy.” - Ukraine

Seems like it was a piece of cake for these students! I’d say they’ve passed with flying colours.