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My job as an English Teacher

I have been a teacher for over 8 years and have had the chance to work overseas as well as in UK.  My first teaching job was in Spain in a bilingual primary school and I have also spent time teaching in Italy. Of course, I loved working in Spain and Italy; enjoying life in a new country and all it has to offer- the food, the culture and the weather. However, the teaching I have enjoyed most has been in London Language Schools. You can meet people from all over the world in a classroom in central London.  

The best thing about this experience is what you can learn from each other. During my time teaching, my students have taught me a lot:

  1. I have learned that in Korea there is free wi-fi everywhere ( so in contrast English wifi seems slow and in scarce supply).  
  2. In  Japan, there are self-flushing and self-drying toilets, so you can just sit there and relax! Also,  nobody ever steals anything, you can leave your phone on a restaurant table while you go to the (above) toilet and it will be there on your return. 
  3. The capital of Brazil is not Rio De Janeiro or Sao Paolo- but Brasilia and the capital of Turkey is Ankara- not Istanbul.
  4. I recently found out that there are 100s of different languages spoken in Indonesia and the official Indonesian language has no tenses!
  5. Last week a student from India told me that practising yoga every day can make you taller! 

During the pandemic, like most studying, English classes have moved online.  While this has is drawbacks and I miss the face to face interaction, I think it’s great that it has allowed us to connect across borders and continue the learning experience. 

By Emily F - EP Teacher