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The best ways to enjoy your holiday

Do you remember the moment when the school bell rang or the minute hand hit twelve, signalling that the holidays are here! After a long year, the summer break seems like a golden opportunity to take a break from daily tasks, relax for a change, and immerse yourself in fun activities and enjoy your holiday. There is lots of free time to take advantage of! But how can you know what to do with the numerous options available? 

At English Path, we have created a treasure trove fun and interesting activities that will help you have the best time during your summer holidays. So, relax and have a refreshing drink in the shade as we share secrets to help you enjoy your holiday

Relaxation techniques to help you enjoy your holiday

Your search for relaxing activities where you can prioritise your physical and mental health during the holidays ends here! Read the points below for some effective and easy techniques to unwind and de-stress from your busy life during the holidays: 

  • Catch up on much-needed sleep: Turn off the lights and close the blinds to allow your body to catch up on missed rest during the year. Holidays allow you to start leading a healthy lifestyle which begins with a better sleep schedule. You will wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new adventure every day after a good night's rest. 
  • Disable your electronic devices: Disconnect from social media and minimise your screen time for a while during a holiday. It's important to take a break from the anxiety you get every time you receive a notification and start living in the moment. Reconnect with the people around you. You will start to feel calmer and at peace. 
  • Engage in activities that you find relaxing: Some people enjoy reading a book, others like going for a walk, and then there are some who find doing yoga or intense cardio relaxing. Pick an activity that helps you calm down and try to do that during the holidays. 

Productive ways to enjoy your holiday

There is more than one way to enjoy your holiday. After getting some relaxing time under your belt, you can engage in fun and exciting activities. Step outside your comfort zone and go on new adventures and enjoy your holiday! You can get some ideas from the following list to get started: 

  • Learn a new language: This summer, enjoy your holiday by learning a new language in a different country with English Path! We offer a wide range of English courses and a very exciting social programme that gives you an incredible opportunity to learn English and explore amazing places in some of the best cities in the world. 
  • Find a summer job: If you really want to be productive this summer and make some extra pocket money at the same time, you can look for a summer job at a local organisation, maybe at a bookstore or even a cafe. It's a great way to add a new skill to your CV and earn some cash, which you can enjoy spending after the holidays. 
  • Explore your city: You may have lived in an amazing city your whole life, but how many times have you gone out to explore it like a tourist? Visit museums, historic landmarks, and famous parks to look for hidden gems you have never noticed before. You might end up making new friends during your local adventure. 

Enjoy your holiday by spending time with your loved ones

Home is not a place but the people you love and who love you. While not a new idea, one of the best ways to enjoy your holiday is to spend it with family and friends. Use this free time to plan events and adventures to connect and reunite with your loved ones. 

  • Plan a mini holiday: Take a break from everyday life to spend time with family and friends. You can take a short trip for a few days to visit somewhere you've never been to before. Go on a road trip to spend time with your extended family or even plan a picnic with your friends on a sunny day where you all bring something you've cooked. Try to have small adventures during your holiday and create new memories. 
  • Bring back old-school games: Do you remember how much you enjoyed playing board games and cards as a child? During your next holiday, why not enjoy the nostalgia. Spend your evenings playing old-school games like Splat, Monopoly, Twister, Guess Who or maybe Hungry Hungry Hippos. 
  • Arrange a film night or cooking session: Nothing brings people together more than food and films. Arrange some sleepovers and watch films to reconnect. You can also enjoy some afternoons cooking while catching up with friends. 

When school holidays come around, there can be a lot of expectations to make it the best holiday ever. Do not succumb to the pressure. The best holidays are the ones where you enjoy yourself and come back with interesting stories. So, look for opportunities to get out of your comfort zone, try new things, learn a new language, meet new people and go on an adventure, even if it's just to your local park. Fill your days with fun and creative activities to enjoy your holiday. If your enjoyment coincides with learning a new language in a new city, join us at English Path for the adventure of a lifetime. 

Frequently asked questions about the best ways to enjoy your holiday

Q1. How can I enjoy my school holidays?

A1. There are so many ways to enjoy your school holidays: 

  • Go on a holiday with your family and loved ones. 
  • Enjoy cosy sleepovers with your friends. 
  • Join EP Summer Camps where you can make new friends. 
  • Get a part-time job at a local shop to earn some money. 
  • Plan a picnic to enjoy the sun during summer. 

Q2. What do I do when I get bored on holiday?

A2. Holidays are an exciting time, but with so much free time on your hands, it’s easy to get bored. When you start to feel that boredom is setting in, it’s time to get active. You can take a walk outside, go swimming or cycling with your friends, or have delightful conversations with your family. The goal is to stay active and avoid getting restless. 

Q3. How can I relax and enjoy my holiday?

A3. If it’s a relaxing holiday you’re looking for, then you can spend your days engaging in calming activities like: 

  • Reading books to escape to a different world. 
  • Painting or sketching to unleash your creative side. 
  • Learning to play a musical instrument. 
  • Take a baking or dancing class to keep busy. 
  • Keep a journal to store your new memories. 
  • Waking up early to watch the sunrise. 

Indulge in activities that you genuinely like doing, and you can have the best holiday.

Q4. What is the best way to spend your holiday?

A4. One of the best ways to spend your holidays is to be productive and have new experiences. Enjoy your holiday by going on adventures. You can explore new cities, add a new skill to your CV or learn English with EP. We offer various language courses in major locations around the world, like London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Toronto, Dubai, Dublin, Malta and Paris – we're opening on 1st August! With us, you have the amazing opportunity to learn a new language and explore these famous cities! 

Q5. Can I enjoy my holidays at home?

A5. There’s no written rule that you have to go outside or abroad to enjoy your holiday. You can have a good time at home as well.  

  • Have a film day with your family or friends. 
  • Play old-school board games. 
  • Turn on music to dance your evenings away. 
  • Watch your favourite TV shows. 
  • Read a book you like. 
  • Have a cooking or baking competition, etc.