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The EP Social Programme!



At English Path we plan exciting and interesting English lessons that are interactive with lots of opportunities to practice and develop your spoken English.

As well as our English classes we have also developed our fun-packed Social Programme with an activity planned for everyday of the week, including weekends! The activities are a mix of free and paid activities such as the theatre or exhibitions. We planned the social programme so that there is something for everybody including activities for  foodies, culture vultures and pub goers! You can see an example of the EP London activity programme below.


At English Path we try to link the Social Programme to what you study in class, so if you have a lesson on the Royal Family we take you to visit Buckingham Palace or the Tower of London!

Our activities are ran by experienced EP staff, who have insiders knowledge of your EP location. We can pick the best and most interesintg acitvites so you can experience your destination like a local. We have a Social Programme in all our destinations in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Dubai!

This Summer we have been running our online Social Programme on Wednesdays and Thursdays, with our Conversation Club and English Plus, which focuses on different parts of the English language such as vocabulary, grammar and idioms. Below you can see our students taking part in a “sentence auction” during their English Plus activity. We have a good mix of nationalities on our programme including India, Venezuela, France and Indonesia. The Social Programme is a great way to make new friends, learn about different cultures and practice your English.

We hope to see you on one of our Social Programme activities so that you can discover, learn, and have fun in your EP destination!