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The Top 5 British Films for Learning English

Watching films in English can be a great way to practice your language skills and learn vocabulary while doing something you enjoy! It’s a great opportunity to see and listen to English being spoken in different contexts and situations and listen to a range of different accents.

There are many famous British films that you might already have seen, including the Harry Potter Series, Love Actually and any of the 26 James Bond films. Here are some of the English Path Team’s favourite British films that you might not have heard of before.


Paddington (and Paddington 2)

Paddington is the heart-warming story of a (animated) bear who migrates from South America after an earthquake destroys his home in the Peruvian jungle. Eventually he arrives in London, where he is adopted by a family and begins to get accustomed to life in the big city. Watch this film for hilarious antics and a charming story suitable for all ages.

 Shaun of the Dead

This 2004 Zom-Rom-Com (Zombie Romantic Comedy) set in London follows two friends who battle with zombies to save their nearest and dearest. Watch this film for examples of hilarious conversational English between two friends, in the context of a zombie apocalypse!

The King’s Speech

The King’s Speech is a historical drama about King George VI and his rise to the British throne in 1936. The film follows the King, who takes speech therapy lessons to help him overcome his stammer and speak with confidence. Watch this film for fantastic acting and a brilliant story of an unlikely friendship between two people. You can use this film as a pronunciation class, too!

Four Weddings and a Funeral

An English man who always seems to be unlucky in love meets a woman and thinks his luck is changing. When they their paths cross again at a number of different weddings and one funeral, he really thinks she could be the one. Can they get past their differences and make it work? Watch this film for a romantic comedy and some British and American English!

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Adapted from a novel by John Le Carré, this cold war thriller tells the complicated but engaging spy story of the race to uncover a mole in the British secret service. The film is made better by its brilliant cast, led by the wonderful Gary Oldman.


Which one will you watch first? Let us know in the comments!





  • heart-warming (adjective) – something positive that causes feelings of pleasure and happiness
  • antics (noun) – funny, silly or strange behaviour
  • nearest and dearest (noun phrase) – your close friends and family
  • stammer (noun) – to speak with repeated sounds or pauses, usually because you feel nervous or have a speech problem
  • mole (noun) – a person who works for a government/organization and secretly gives information to its enemies/competitors
  • cast (noun) – the group of actors in a film, play or show.