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These are our TOP 3 markets in London


Imagine spending a sunny day in Central London, what would be the first place that pops up in your mind? Would it be taking a stroll along the South Bank, having a picnic in Hyde Park with your classmates, or window-shopping on Regent’s Street? One thing that I absolutely love doing is visiting different markets in London when the weather is good. In this article, I am going to share some of the markets that you should check out in your free time!

Borough Market

If you consider yourself a foodie, Borough Market is definitely a must-visit! Located in Southwark, Borough Market is one of the oldest food markets in London. Although the market itself is only small-to-medium-sized, it has everything that you could ever ask for! Pad Thai, fresh oysters, Spanish Paella – you name it! After filling your belly with all these delicious foods, why not take a 15-minute walk along the harbour to visit our famous landmark Tower Bridge?

Covent Garden

Another market that I would recommend checking out is Covent Garden, which is in the heart of Central London. Getting off at the Covent Garden tube station, make your way through to the Apple Market where you will find a variety of unique art works and souvenirs that you can purchase for your family and friends back home.

Head to the outdoor area where many Londoners showcase their skills and talents, be it magic, singing or even dancing! Fancy some food and drinks? While Covent Garden does not have a food market like Borough Market, there are many pubs, restaurants and bars that will quench your thirst for a pint of British ale! 

If Borough Market and Covent Garden are not exactly your cup of tea, why not check out Camden Market which is north of Central London? Different from the other two markets, Camden Market is situated by Regent’s Canal where you can see narrow boats in various colours and shapes. This particular market is buzzing, especially over the weekend, with countless bars and restaurants. It is definitely the place to be if you are hoping for a good night out with your friends.

Camden Market

But if you fancy a more relaxing afternoon in Camden Market, you may also consider doing a walk from Paddington to Camden Town along Regent’s Canal. Along the way, you will pass through Little Venice where you can find many beautiful canals and water ways. Reaching your destination at Camden Town after an hour’s walk will unquestionably make any drinks more rewarding.

After reading this blog, I hope you will be excited to visit some of our famous markets in London. Don’t want to go alone? Make sure you keep an eye out for our social activities!


Take a stroll (verb phrase) to walk around leisurely

Narrow boats (n) Boats that are long and narrow and usually for use on canals

Buzzing (v) if a place is buzzing, it means there are lots of activities or excitement

Unquestionably (adv) used to describe something that is certainly true