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This season at English Path Birmingham

Birmingham: an expansive, and multiculturally rich city. Not only the third largest in the United Kingdom but is also home to English Path’s second-largest UK campus. Known as the ‘workshop of the world’ during Victorian times, Birmingham has become one of the country's most successful trading points: ‘The city of a thousand trades’ in areas including engineering and metal. In anticipation of the summer season, let us guide you through our top picks on how to spend your free time whilst studying at English Path Birmingham.


If you are a fan of all things historical, these recommendations are for you!  

Winterbourne House & Garden- A rare, surviving example of an early 20th century suburban villa. Experience the beauty of the Edwardian-style house, nestled in this leafy corner of Birmingham. In addition to the house, Winterbourne is also home to its lush gardens: the ideal spots for picnics and English afternoon tea.

Birmingham Canal: Playing a vital role in the development of Birmingham, the city’s canals were busy waterways for the transport of coal, iron, and other heavy goods. Walk, cycle, or ride a boat along the scenic canal, especially during sunset. A great destination to explore with friends or family, this is one place you shouldn’t miss!

Stratford Upon Avon: If you take the train for one hour from the city centre, you will reach the quaint, medieval town of Stratford Upon Avon. What makes this humble town so significant? It is the birthplace of 16th century writer and poet William Shakespeare: the father of modern English language. Be sure to spend a day in this legendary town, explore Shakespeare’s house, and catch a performance or two of his plays!

Cadbury World: For chocolate lovers, be sure to take a trip to Carbury World. Founded in 1824, the Cadbury chocolate company started right here in Birmingham, and remains as one largest chocolate-themed museums and factories in the world. There are plenty of tasty and engaging activities for people of all ages.

Art, Music, and Activities

Birmingham's Symphony Hall: Do you love symphonic music? Then don't miss Birmingham's Symphony Hall: the perfect venue for live performances, considered one of the finest concert halls in the world. Able to seat over 2000 people at a time, this incredible space is home to some of the most exciting jazz, orchestral, and dance events in the UK.  

Peaky Blinders mural:Fans of the hit period-crime series will flock to this mural, close to New Street station. Initially built as a fundraising project for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, this beautiful installation will attract fans of street art and the show alike.

Ikon Gallery: This free gallery hosts a wide array of modern and contemporary art exhibitions in Birmingham. Considered as one of the best in the UK, this mixed-media gallery will allow you to immerse yourself in pieces that explore themes such as mental health, dreaming, and community.

Where to stay in Birmingham

At English path Birmingham, we not only help you learn English, but encourage you to have the best experience outside the classroom, including where you stay. Whether you book one week, two, ten or twenty, we understand the importance of being comfortable where you stay. English Path Birmingham’s accommodation team is on hand to help find the right choice for your needs.

Our wide range of accommodation options include flat hotels, spacious shared student apartments, and carefully selected homestays. And all our accommodation in Birmingham is within easy reach of the school and city centre by any public transport.

For more information, contact our helpful team at - We are always willing to help!

Here at English Path, we’re want to see all your adventures in the city of Birmingham! Feel free to share pictures on Instagram and tag us at @EnglishPathSchools. If you want to see the range of student activities at English Path, be sure to click here!