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Travel in the UK: Have you visited the Peak District?

Here at English Path, we love to discover new places in the UK. I was lucky enough to visit the Peak District recently and had an amazing time exploring the beautiful British countryside.

The Peak District is an area in the north of the UK between Manchester and Sheffield. It is a national park, which means that the countryside is protected and is an area which is known for its’ beauty.


Here are my top 5 picks of things to do if you get the chance to visit this scenic part of the UK:

  1. Go hiking in some of the stunning countryside. There are many trails you can find and follow online.
  2. Visit Bakewell, a small town which is famous for the Bakewell Tart! This is a pastry tart filled with raspberry jam and a cake made from almonds.
  3. Cycle along the Monsal Trail, an old railway track which is 8km long and goes through some amazing tunnels and has great views of the area.
  4. Visit Chatsworth House, a beautiful house which is the home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. Did you know, it was the location for the film ‘Pride and Prejudice’ starring Kiera Knightly?
  5. Go on the cable cars at the Heights of Abraham and enjoy the amazing views. You can also visit some spooky caves and take some great selfies from the top!


A great place to buy a Bakewell Tart!

So why not take a trip to the Peak District? We are sure you will have an amazing time!


Scenic (adj) – impressive views of natural landscapes

Hiking (n) – going for long distance walks

Spooky (adj) – scary

Stunning (adj) - really beautiful