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Want to teach English abroad? Opportunities for British citizens after Brexit

Before Brexit, many British people used to go to places like Spain and Italy to teach English after they finished their CELTA courses. But things have changed now, and it's not as easy to teach in Europe. You need a special visa to teach English abroad. However, don't worry, there are still plenty of exciting opportunities for Britons to teach abroad, whether you've taken your CELTA course online or in person.

Opportunities in Europe

Europe might seem a bit tricky, but there are still chances to teach there. Most English teacher job ads you'll find online say they prefer people from the European Union (EU), but some are willing to help you get a working visa if you're the right fit. Some companies hire British citizens for short-term teaching projects around Europe.

And if you have a unique skill, like experience in aviation or the military, some schools might sponsor your visa so you can teach specialized English abroad. Plus, as you gain more experience and go for senior English teacher jobs, schools are more likely to help with your visa.

Beyond Europe - exploring the world

Brexit might have changed things with Europe, but it didn't affect Britain's relationship with the rest of the world. There are still fantastic opportunities out there for English teacher jobs. Let's look at three major areas:

  1. The Middle East: Countries like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman and Qatar have a huge demand for English teachers. It can be competitive in popular cities, but if you have a CELTA qualification, you can find jobs in companies, the military, universities, and schools. Most employers in this region will support your visa application if you get the English teacher job.
  2. Latin America: People often teach English abroad in countries such as Central and South America, especially while traveling. If you want to stay longer, schools can help with your visa.
  3. East Asia: Places like Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, and Japan have a big need for English teachers. British citizens have been teaching there for a long time, and schools usually assist with visas, accommodation, and sometimes even travel.

The English-speaking world

Remember, it's not just about teaching in other countries. There are English teacher jobs in the UK, too. During peak times, like summer, you'll find hundreds of teaching positions in UK language schools. Ireland also has over a hundred English language schools, and as a UK citizen, you don't need a visa to work there. Australia, New Zealand, and Canada also have thriving English teaching industries. Each of these countries has different visa rules, but many UK citizens teach in Australia on a working holiday visa.

So, even though Brexit has changed some things for British citizens, having a CELTA qualification is still valuable if you want to teach English abroad, whether you stay in the UK or venture abroad. The world is full of opportunities!