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What podcasts can help me with my English?

Here at English Path, we are often asked about ways for students to improve their English outside the classroom. There are lots of things learners of English can do: watch films; meet up and chat with friends in English; read a book, newspaper or magazine. Another useful tool for learning English is podcasts. Podcasts have exploded in popularity in the last few years, and there is a huge variety to choose from.

Have a look at the list below for some of our recommendations.

  1. The English We Speak – BBC Learning English

This podcast from BBC Learning English introduces a new phrase or expression to learners each week. It gives you the meaning of the new phrase and then some example sentences. This is a useful podcast if you want to learn some informal phrases and English slang. Each episode is only 3 minutes long, so you have no excuses!

2. English Learning for Curious Minds.

With almost 200 episodes and counting, English Learning for Curious Minds is a great podcast for English learners. You can learn fascinating things about the world, while practicing your listening skills and learning new vocabulary. Topics covered range from Bitcoin to a history of pirates. Whatever your interest, there is an episode for you!

3. Luke’s English podcast

Luke is a hugely experienced English teacher who has created hundreds of podcast episodes for learners of English. You can find transcripts, videos and further grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation activities. Luke is also a stand-up comedian, so you can expect to LOL when you listen!

4. Podcasts in English

This podcast series has episodes suitable for all levels, from Elementary to Advanced English learners. You can pay extra for worksheets, vocabulary tasks and transcripts to help you with your learning. The episodes cover a range of topics and you get to listen to natural conversations between two speakers.

5. Learn English – British Council

This podcast series from the British Council is designed specifically for learners of English. Each episode covers everyday language and situations. There are also loads of great practice activities and quizzes to go with each episode, so you can retain all that new vocabulary.


Here are some podcasts for native level English speakers that you might find a bit more challenging.

  1. BBC Global News Podcast – a daily update for news stories on demand.
  2. Overheard at National Geographic – learn about the world and the people who inhabit it.
  3. This American Life – a weekly radio show describing everyday life in the US
  4. The Writer’s Voice – Listen to a writer narrate their own short story.
  5. Stuff you should know – get educated on a variety of different topics.