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Where are the five best places in Yorkshire to visit on the weekend?

Choosing to study at English Path Leeds means you have easy access to travel by bus or train to some of the most beautiful places in the north of England. Yorkshire, also known as ‘God’s own country’, has plenty to offer. Here are five of our favourite places:

  • York – An important location for thousands of years for the Romans, Vikings and Normans, this city is steeped in beautiful architecture and history. From its famous Gothic cathedral and city walls to the chocolate shops and museums, a day out in York is like no other. A short 20-25 minute train journey from Leeds means you’ll have plenty of time to see the sights.


View of the York Minster overseeing this beautiful city
  • Yorkshire coastline – No visit to the UK would be complete without having Fish and Chips on the beach in the beautiful sunshine (we do get warm weather here sometimes – we promise!) and there’s no better part to go to than the Yorkshire coast! Stretching over 45 miles / 72km, there are many places you can see all the way along. The easiest to reach by public transport is Scarborough, a popular holiday destination during the Victorian era complete with its medieval castle and two beaches to walk along. Further north is the town of Whitby, famous for the setting of Dracula, Captain Cook and the regular winners of best Fish and Chips in the UK. This town is a must see!


Scarborough's beach and castle overlooking the town
  • Harrogate and Knaresborough – For a taste of England you will need to visit these two towns in North Yorkshire. From the famous weekly markets in Knaresborough to afternoon tea at Bettys in Harrogate, you can visit both towns in one day by train and bus!

Riverside walk in Knaresborough and its viaduct
  • Yorkshire Dales – There are many awe-inspiring places to visit in one of the UK’s famous national parks, many accessible by public transport. Why not walk along the moors in Ilkely or immerse yourself in medieval history in Skipton Castle? Wherever you go, make sure you try the food and drink, as every place will provide something different.

Beautiful Yorkshire Dales countryside
  • Sheffield – For somewhere a bit more contemporary, Sheffield is a great city to visit! Famous for being home of the steel industry during the Industrial Revolution and the oldest football club in the world, it has redeveloped itself in recent years to be an attractive city for all to visit.

Panoramic view of the city


Plenty (adv) – describe the amount of something, usually a large number

Steeped (v) – filled or has a large amount of something

Public transport (n) – a way of travelling that is available to the public e.g. bus, train

A must see (adj) – highly recommended

Awe-inspiring (adj) - impressive or formidable

National park (n) – an area protected by local or national authorities for the use of the public Redeveloped (v) - develop (something) again or differently e.g. new buildings