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Why become a blood donor? Making a difference in a few simple steps

Did you know that your one single blood donation can save four lives? It's true! We learned this fascinating fact from Rogerio, a brilliant student from our English Path Malta community who is a member of a blood donor association. He's passionate about encouraging people to donate blood and spread awareness about its importance. Donating blood is easy. So, why not become a hero today and help save lives?

Join English Path in making a difference

Donating blood is a selfless act of kindness. The first successful blood transfusion took place in England in 1665 when a doctor named Richard Lower kept a dog alive by giving it blood from other dogs. This discovery was a real game-changer for medicine and has since helped save many lives. At English Path, we are committed to supporting this cause. That’s why we want to encourage you, our students and colleagues, no matter where in the world you are, to consider becoming blood donors in your own communities. Remember, a single unit of blood donated by you can make a real difference in someone’s life! At English Path, we believe that we can all work together to save lives through blood donation. We encourage you to donate blood and help make a difference in the world.

Why should you donate blood?

To donate blood, you need to be healthy and at least 16 years old.

  • It's easy and safe: Donating blood is a simple process. The staff at donation centres are trained professionals who make sure that everything is safe and comfortable for you. 
  • You’ll be helping those in need: Your blood could be the lifeline for someone who is having surgery, fighting cancer, or recovering from an accident. Your donation can give them a chance at life and recovery. 
  • Many health benefits for yourself: By donating blood, you're not only helping others but yourself too! Donating blood has many health benefits. It helps your body produce new blood cells, which keeps you healthy while you help save lives. 
  • A gift that costs nothing: A little bit of your time and a small needle prick could mean the world to someone else. Your gift of blood donation doesn't cost you anything but means everything to someone in need. 
  • Save lives, become a hero: When you donate blood, you're directly contributing to saving lives. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing your simple act of kindness made such a huge difference. It's an incredible feeling!  
  • Join the blood donor community: When you join us as a blood donor, you become part of a wonderful community of caring individuals. You'll be surrounded by people who share the same goal: making the world a better place, one donation at a time. 

Your impact matters 

Every year, thousands of people in the UK need blood transfusions to stay alive, but there aren't always enough blood donors to meet the demand. That's why we need around 135,000 new donors each year to provide blood to patients nationwide. In London alone, they need at least 40,000 new donors every year for the next five years. You could be one of those donors who saves lives and helps make a difference in the world! Join English Path in supporting this noble cause by becoming a blood donor in your local community.

Donate blood and become a hero!

Frequently asked questions about why you should learn English in Toronto

A1. Blood donation is when you give some of your blood to help people who need it because of sickness or injury. It's a kind and helpful thing to do! 

A2. The little pinch you feel when they put the needle in might feel strange, but it's quick and not too painful. Most people say it's no big deal! 

A3. Most people can donate blood if they're healthy and meet some simple rules. But it's important to check with the blood donation centre to be sure. 

A5. Yes, donating blood is very safe! The people who collect the blood use clean equipment, and they make sure everything is good for you and the person getting your blood.

A5. There are places you can go to help people in need. You can search for information online or ask at community centres or local churches. These places can connect you with food banks or charities. Recently, at English Path, we worked with some great charities that help families in need. You can also reach out to them. 

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  • UN World Food Programme (WFP) 
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