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English For Teacher

Start dates
lesson week
Lessons per week
20 | 25 lessons per week
English Proficiency level
B2 minimum
Class time
09:00 - 12:15
culture program
Cultural programme
10+ activities
a week
Lesson length
Course duration
2 weeks
Minimum age
18 and above
Max students per class
18 students

Course overview

The English Teachers Course has been carefully designed to help you refresh your English language skills as well as train you in the latest teaching methodologies to ensure that you are well-prepared to teach English to ESL students. Whether you are a new teacher who wants to expand your professional network and develop new skills or an experienced teacher interested in how English is taught in the UK, this course is designed to meet your needs!

Why English for Teachers course?

Our comprehensive English course for teachers is ideal for both new and experienced teachers who want to improve their English language skills and learn modern teaching methodologies. The course offers a well-rounded experience, including 15-20 hours of weekly class time, a placement test to ensure optimal learning and pre-arrival resources such as a two-week conversation course and information packages. You'll also benefit from online and in-person inductions, ongoing support through monthly course tutorials, skills tests, free online masterclasses and interactive activities like conversation clubs, study clinics and our famous social programme. By the end of the course, you'll earn an end-of-course certificate and join the English Path Alumni Online community! 

Personal support is a key component of our course. You will receive four weekly tutorials with your teacher, personal progress reports on request, and welfare support whenever needed. Study clinics provide free one-to-one sessions with an Academic Manager, available weekly. The English Teachers course prepares you to achieve excellence in the English language classroom by helping you refresh your language skills and train you in the latest teaching methodologies. 

Teaching Methodology

Our English course for teachers goes beyond language development. It focuses on practical, interactive learning to ensure that you master both language skills and the latest teaching methods, transforming your classroom experience. Each session emphasises practical skills such as lesson planning, classroom management, and effective communication, ensuring that you can immediately apply what you are learning. Whether you are a new teacher or an experienced professional, our programme offers valuable insights into teaching English to ESL students. 

What will you achieve?

After completing the English for Teachers course, you will be able to develop your English language and teaching methodology skills in different areas: 

  • Enhance your English language and communication skills. 

  • Improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. 

  • Expand your vocabulary knowledge. 

  • Refresh your understanding of grammatical structures and learn the best ways to teach them to ESL students. 

  • Use technology effectively in the classroom to plan and deliver engaging lessons. 

  • Implement effective classroom management tools. 

  • Boost language production in your classes. 

Please note: At the end of your course, your certificate will be issued if attendance meets all requirements (minimum 85%). 


Hear what our team has to say

At English Path, we believe that everyone can learn English, no matter where they are starting from in their journey. We use a variety of theoretical and practical teaching methods to meet the needs of all learners. Our positive and supportive learning environment gives you the ideal place to learn and practise your English language skills. 

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