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Discover EP Dublin

Established by the Gaels in the 7th century, Dublin is the capital and largest city of Ireland. It is a major port, a financial hub, and a cultural centre. It is renowned for its majestic churches, historic libraries, lively pubs and welcoming people. Dublin is also known for Trinity College, which is the oldest university in Ireland. The college has the largest collection of publications in Ireland, including the Book of Kells and the Book of Leinster. Both are ancient religious manuscripts with stunning illustrations. 

Dublin has played a significant part of Ireland's history, especially in literature, philosophy, and politics. It was the birthplace of three Nobel Prize winners: Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw, and William Butler Yeats. The pleasant maritime weather makes it an ideal destination for exploring the rich and diverse cultural offerings. 

  • Dublin’s most famous attractions:  
  • Trinity College Dublin 
  • Bray-Greystones cliff walk 
  • National Archaeology Museum 
  • Hugh Lane Gallery 
  • Croke Park 
  • St. Patrick's Cathedral 
  • Kilmainham Jail 
  • Phoenix Park 
  • Bull Island 
  • Dublin Whiskey Museum 
  • EPIC Museum 
  • Marsh's Library 
  • Dublin Castle 
  • Killiney Hill 
  • James Joyce's Tower 
  • Little Museum of Dublin 

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