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EFLUK Evening Course

‘Build confidence, work hard and have fun – Learn the skills you need for life in the UK’

The English For Life in the UK programme aims to develop students’ English language communication and functional skills in a friendly and supportive environment. There is a strong focus on building confidence, listening and communication skills.  

Studying English for Life in the UK gives students the confidence and skills to function in an English-speaking country and can help improve job prospects. Some may even consider going on to further study or examination preparation courses. 

English Path offers levels from Beginner to Advanced. Our Beginner level class accepts students with very little exposure to English.  For example, students who have not yet acquired a single word. No one’s level is too low. In contrast, our Advanced General English class is for students with existing high level communicative skills.

*There are 50% scholarships available for students on a low income and 90% scholarships available for students on Universal Credit or already enrolled with GBS.


Start dates
Every Monday (except bank holidays)
A1 – C1
Lessons per week
Lesson length
Course duration
Minimum age
Maximum per class
Class time

Example Course Schedule

Lesson 1
18.30 - 19.15
Coffee time!
Lesson 2
19.25 - 20.00

Course Objectives

After you take a EFLUK Evening Course at English Path, you should:
be able to speak with much more confidence and fluency
have improved your listening, reading and writing skills
have developed your vocabulary knowledge
have a much greater understanding of English grammatical structures
have learnt functional language to help you with everyday tasks in English
In order to get as much as possible out of your learning experience, we recommend you attend at least 85% of classes, complete all homework given and do self-study as directed by your teacher.

Evening: Prices per week

Weeks EP London EP Canary Wharf Birmingham Leeds Manchester Dubai
4 Week Package £ 195 £ 195 £ 195 £ 195 £ 195
8 Week Package £ 390 £ 390 £ 390 £ 390 £ 390
16 Week Package £ 780 £ 780 £ 780 £ 780 £ 780
Material fee up to 3 weeks
Material fee up to 11 weeks
Material fee up 12-23 weeks
Material fee 24-35 weeks
Material fee 36+ weeks


Course available in the followings destinations and schools:

EP Canary Wharf

EP London

EP Manchester

EP Birmingham

The English Path Guarantee
Your progress is very important to us and we’re confident of your success. On your first day we will work together to establish achievable goals for you during your stay with us. We guarantee that you will reach those goals as long as you attend all your classes, do your homework and attend all your tutorials.

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