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The EP Masterclass Programme

The EP Masterclass Programme is a series of 12 sessions offered free of charge to all students studying at English Path. The sessions run on 12-week cycle and consist of a weekly lecture or workshop which is usually 1 to 1.5 hours in length.

The aim of the sessions is to provide students with necessary academic, business, and soft skills so that they can improve their career prospects or achieve study goals. The sessions may cover topics such as academic writing skills, building confidence for public speaking and careers advice.

Sessions include careers workshops, study skills and guest lectures provided by English Path staff and our sister higher education provider, GBS. 

We strongly believe that you should have access to, not only a fantastic English education but also the skills to help you make the most of your new language knowledge.

Every single Masterclass is complimentary and we encourage you to take part in these classes alongside our fantastic activity programme.


Start Date
Every week
Lessons per week
Course Duration
12 weeks
Maximum per class
Lesson Length
1.5 hours
Minimum Age
Class Time
Masterclass Programme
Masterclass Programme

Example Course Schedule

Masterclass Programme
GBS Guest Lecturer

Guide to Higher Education in the UK

A comprehensive guide to higher education in the UK.
Masterclass Programme
with Mary Wright, BA, CELTA, DELTA

Academic Writing & Study Skills

Learn how to write in a clear, concise and structured way and how to back this up by using evidence.
Masterclass Programme
with Guest Speaker

Public Speaking & Presenting

85% of people fear public speaking and presenting. Learn how to deliver you message professionally and confidently.
Masterclass Programme
GBS Guest Lecturer

Time Management

One of the 7 Habits of highly effective people is time management.
On this course you will Learn how to manage and prioritise time.
Masterclass Programme
GBS Guest Lecturer

Introduction to Global Business Management

Our guest lecturer will give an overview of global business management to prepare you for your global career.
Masterclass Programme
GBS Guest Lecturer

Leadership & Team building

What makes a great leader? How to build an effective team?
These questions will be answered in the leadership and Team building sessions.
Masterclass Programme
with Guest Speaker

Business Cultures Training

Learn how different cultures conduct business in different ways.
Masterclass Programme
GBS Guest Lecturer

Global Leadership

Authoritarian v delegative, transformational v transactional.
Learn the pros and cons of different leadership styles and which style suits you.
Masterclass Programme
GBS Guest Lecturer

Introduction to Global Finance

Learn about banking, markets and how money flows around the globe.
Masterclass Programme
WEEK 10 
GBS Guest Lecturer

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

How to start, grow and successfully manage your own business
Masterclass Programme
WEEK 11 
GBS Guest Lecturer

CV Writing and Interview Techniques

A guide to being successful in Job interviews and creating a well formatted and contemporary CV.
Masterclass Programme
WEEK 12 
With Mike Summerfield, BSc, CELTA

Careers Workshop

Help and advice in choosing the right career based on your individual skills and qualifications.

Masterclass Objectives

After attending EP Masterclass sessions you should:
Have increased confidence and fluency and be more able to communicate effectively in a range of business contexts.
Have improved and learnt Academic writing & Study skills: To be able to write academic assignments in a clear, concise and structured way.
Be able to plan and deliver a presentation and deliver your message professionally and confidently.
Be able to manage and prioritise time in a business context.
Have an overview of managing across global business
Have learnt leadership styles, techniques and how to build effective teams.
Have learnt how to do business in different cultures and communicate effectively across cultures.
Be able to start, manage and grow your own business.
Have the necessary skills to write a CV, excel in interviews and choose the right career.

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