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Sustainability Essentials

Start dates
5th February, 27th May, 16th September 2024
Lessons per week
lesson week
15 hours
English Proficiency level
Intermediate B1+
Class time
09:15 - 12:30,
09:00 - 12:15
Cultural programme
culture program
Lesson length
Course duration
4 weeks
Minimum age
Max students per class
15 students

Course overview

The Sustainability Essentials is a four-week course that helps you explore the essentials of sustainability while improving your English language skills. Throughout the course, you'll participate in class discussions, analyse case studies, engage in interactive activities, and complete individual exercises to apply the concepts you've learned. Additionally, the course will provide you with reading material and resources for further learning, making it a great course for you. Whether you're a sustainability enthusiast looking to build your knowledge or an English language learner looking to improve your skills, joining the Sustainability Essentials course is a great opportunity to achieve your goals.

Why Sustainability Essentials?

Learn about the impact of your choices on the world around you with our Sustainability Essentials course. This course focuses on three important things: how we treat the environment, how we treat one another, and how businesses can improve. It covers: 

  • Environmental Sustainability, which shows how to protect nature. 

  • Social Sustainability, which is about being fair to everyone. 

  • Economic Sustainability, which teaches how companies can grow while being kind to the planet. 

By taking the course, you will learn how we can create a better world for everyone and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. 

What you’ll learn

By the end of the Sustainability Essentials course, you should be better able to: 

  • Understand sustainability and its significance in both personal and professional life. 

  • Explain and appreciate the three key pillars of sustainability - social, environmental, and economic aspects. 

  • Recognise Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their relevance to both businesses and society. 

  • Understand sustainable lifestyles and how to take personal actions to promote sustainability. 

  • Discuss topics such as climate change, sustainable resource management (water, energy, and waste), sustainable agriculture, and biodiversity conservation. 

  • Understand and discuss issues related to social justice, human rights, community engagement, and responsible consumption and production. 

  • Identify the circular economy, sustainable business models, corporate social responsibility, sustainable finance and investment, and how to measure and report sustainability performance. 

Course materials

In the Sustainability Essentials course, you'll learn through presentations. They are the main way of teaching and will guide you in learning about how to take care of our planet and people. The presentations are engaging and designed to suit different learning styles. You'll also have multiple opportunities to participate in classroom discussions about sustainable living. Our course will help you understand the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and teach you how to apply sustainable practices in your daily life to make a positive impact on the world. 


Sustainability Essentials teaches you about sustainability and helps you improve your English skills. This course provides you with an opportunity to interact with others, read real-life stories, and participate in fun activities to gain a better understanding of sustainability. By the end of the course, you'll gain knowledge on how to take care of our planet, treat others fairly, and support ethical business practices. You'll have the chance to discuss sustainability topics in class, examine real-world examples, and even try out some sustainability tasks yourself! 

Hear what our team has to say

At English Path, we believe that everyone can learn English, no matter where they are starting from in their journey. We use a variety of theoretical and practical teaching methods to meet the needs of all learners. Our positive and supportive learning environment gives you the ideal place to learn and practice your English language skills. 

"Enrolling in English Path was one of the best decisions I've made to learn English. The variety of English courses they offer ensured that I could focus on the specific language skills I needed to improve. The experienced teachers are passionate and skilled, making the learning process engaging and interactive. I'm grateful to English Path for helping me enhance my language skills and boost my confidence."

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