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Business Management Essentials

Start dates
8th January, 29th April, 19th August, 9th December 2024
lesson week
Lessons per week
15 hours
per week
English Proficiency level
Intermediate B1+ and above
Class time
09:15 - 12:30,
09:00 - 12:15
culture program
Cultural programme
10+ activities
a week
Lesson length
3 hours
Course duration
4 weeks
Minimum age
Max students per class
15 students

Course overview

If you're interested in business and entrepreneurship, our Business Management Essentials course can help you learn the key concepts of business, marketing, and finance. The course is designed to help budding entrepreneurs like you get a solid understanding of the business world. You can explore various career options or gain skills to even start your own company. In this course, you'll work with your classmates in an interactive learning environment and participate in creative projects like launching a new product, filming an advertisement, and presenting your ideas. At the end of each week, you will have the opportunity to present your work to practise the business tools you've learned.

Why Business Management Essentials?

Business Management Essentials course is all about hands-on learning and practical skills. It covers important business topics like personal branding, interview preparation, time management, and presentation skills. But the course goes beyond just teaching you these skills. The real value of this course lies in its practical approach. You’ll work on projects that are designed to be like real business scenarios, giving you a taste of the real world in business. By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to take on new challenges and opportunities, with the practical skills and experience you need to make your mark.

What you’ll learn

In the Business Management Essentials course, you can look forward to learning about different topics each week that will help you develop the skills and knowledge needed in the business world.

  • Personal branding – CV, social media, etc. 
  • Interview preparation, time management and presentation skills. 
  • Understand different methods of traditional advertising and branding. 
  • Develop and evaluate a basic marketing plan and present it. 
  • Understand the aims, objectives and benefits of running your own business. 
  • Understand external and internal sources of finance. 
  • Understand the role of social media in start-ups. 

Course materials

In the Business Management Essentials course, learning happens through various engaging presentations. The presentations are designed to suit different learning styles. These interactive presentations will encourage you to participate actively and retain information better. Our helpful and professional teachers will bring their industry insights, giving you firsthand experience of good business practices. By taking this course, you'll gain valuable skills in personal branding, interview preparation, time management, marketing strategies, finance sources, and the role of social media in start-ups.


The final project for the Business Management Essentials course is to you’ll showcase all you’ve learned in the past four weeks through a presentation — creating a business plan for a new business or a marketing plan for a new product. This project isn’t just about presenting what you’ve learned; it’s a chance to put all your skills into action. This presentation will summarise your growth and everything you’ve learned. It will help us understand if you know how to create and present a plan from scratch. This is a test of your skills and a chance to prove your business skills in the real world.

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