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Patricia Verastegui Alonso

HR Officer, Dublin

I'm Patricia Ver√°stegui, a Spanish girl who has recently moved to Dublin in search of new professional challenges. With a degree in Business Administration and Management, and a Master's in Human Resources Management, I started my professional journey in the human resources sector, where I learned that dealing with people on a daily basis, helping them find their path and grow in their daily lives, was what fulfilled me professionally. Later on, I ventured into the world of sales, which I found fascinating and which has paved my current professional path. That's why I'm here, at English Path, ready to learn and use my skills acquired in the sales world to succeed as a Customer Relationship Officer. I love spending my free time traveling, dancing, and doing sports, particularly lately, I love yoga! I have lived in Spain, France, and now in Ireland, who knows what my next destination will be!